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What Medi-alerts do people suggest?

I had a rude awakening to the fact that I need to get some sort of medi-alert yesterday. Had been getting some pressure in my chest since Sunday and in my head (same as after my stroke) but kept saying to myself that now I was on Heparin everything was ok.

Well yesterday was out and it got really bad and very dizzy so thought best to go by GP's. They did ECG and called an ambulance and next thing I was in A&E!! Well you know what its like when you are stressed, on your own and under pressure, you can never remember anything. I told them I was on Heparin and the Hughes etc.

Next minute a nurse comes in with 300mg of Aspirin, I say but I am on Heparin, nurse says I will be back in a tick. Doctor arrives. Says its "standard procedure" to give 300 mg of Aspirin. I say I know but is it if you are also taking Heparin?!! Doctor says ok we will wait for the results of the blood tests and takes it away!! Eight hours later blood tests all negative despite abnormal ECG which is apparently my Syndrome X giving me heart spasms again and I am sent home.

What would have happened had I not been able to tell them all that? Scared me half to death.

What does everyone else use as a medi-alert and where do you get them from and how much etc?


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I have a really neat Italian charm bracelet with medic alert inserts. I bought on ebay through Cougarcharm-UK at


PS you can ask for customised wording as well


It a good question and one people spend time thinking about. I know i went over and over it in my head.

I have to say i went overboard with but i got in to my head that we bleed to death when i started warfrain but I am now Heprain I seem to have calmed down.

Now when it came to working out what i needed i looked what i did day to day and as it turned out i need different ID things so used the websites below.

Medic alert has good customer service but cost but has proofed a life saved when over seas as it international reconigiced. All text is personal to you and your needs

theidbandco has lots of little things like seat belt information holders, ID holder of cycle helmets ect................... some items have pre-written conditions other it can be personal.


Hi HughesPatient,

Am relatively new to all of this and so bought a load of medi-alerts recently following intensive internet research! Here are some suggestions:

Medical ID Card - uCardit (£5.49):

I liked this more than Medipal since you could design it yourself, add a photo to it and the card was more eyecatching. It arrived exceedingly quickly after I ordered it (1-2 days).

Medipal does do stickers and keyrings though too...

Wrist band - from Allergy Essex (£3.50)

I primarily bought this for when I go swimming with my kids; it's a good bright design.

Wrist band 2 - from Amazon (£2.79). A less colourful one for everyday use:

Hope that helps.




I found a medic alert bracelet with a junk drive that is pre loaded with a medical information program. You can put your entire history, medical reports xrays everything on it and it can be used on any computer just plug it in to a usb port. I bought two a gold on for me and my APS and a silver for my husband and his type 1 diabetes. Someone stole my idea! I had thought this needed to be done many years ago, snooze ya loose i guess. MD Alert #085737


Hi Hughes Patient,

You can buy a talisment cheaply from Argos etc see link below

also found this one which was helpful

you may also want to contact British Red Cross i think as they do the containers that go in your fridge if you collapse at home you put a stick on the door and the paramedics know to look for the sticker and go to the fridge toi get your information. It is just an idea i thought useful so if i lost my talisment they still be able to get info if i was at home.


I make sure when I am out and about I have my warfsarin book with me (cargo pants, big pockets)!

Recently I wrote out a card to put with it which has details of who to contact in case of emergency, my religion and telephone number of my religious adviser.

My mobile phone is always with me when I am out and I have an In Case Emergency number in it, this was invaluable during an emergency a while back as the paramedic was able to call them on the way to A&E.

I also make sure the hospital notes have the correct info in them and that the front sheet with my personal details is always kept up to date.

We cannot control for all eventualities but it is for sure we need to have some sort of emergency information with us at all times.


A link which explains about the in case of emergency thingy


I have ICE in my phone so that if somebody looked in there they would find it. I also list my husband under Emergency so its sort of covered from all angles depending on where people might look.

I want to get a bracelet but because I have multiple medical conditions plus allergies and an implant there is no way I can get it all on a bracelet, so I think I might have a card and put on the bracelet "look on medical card in wallet" or something like that.

I already have the message in a bottle thing in my hall, keep a copy of my medical notes in my glove compartment of the car and have a card for the implant etc but I need to cover everything in one place. The Medic Alert seems quite expensive but you do get a card and all the engraving done on the bracelet that you choose for £25 a year. Is that a small price to pay for piece of mind - I dont know?



I use a Mediband.....its a small rubber wrist band (like the ones that they use for fundraisers) It states that I am warfarin medicated. It also comes with a wallet card that has all your details on it. Medic Alert are great but quite expensive. i paid $7.00 AUD for mine and there is no yearly update cost.It has already helped me at the hospital.

Regards and Keep Well


Hi there

I have the Medipal card but am thinking that a band or bracelet is a good idea and I love the italian ones especially as I seem to be on a run of public "zone out seizures" at the moment - held up the q in Costa yesterday fixated on a mince pie for a couple of minutes I'm told - Also it's quite normal to have Aspirin and Heparin (they use it in pregnancy for us obstetric APS ladies!) although at probably lower doses!

I love my charm bracelets and funky jewellery so will aim to make my medicalert a real feature - would love to see pictures of anyones if they'd care to share to give me inspirations.

Love Sharon x


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