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Heparin Injections - May just have cracked it!

Been injecting for a few weeks and was having a real problem with them either hurting ALOT or bruising. Then suddenly I seemed to find how to stop both! I thought I would share this with you all so see if anyone else has had the same experience or to help anyone who may have been having the same problem as me.

What I do is choose the spot I want to inject (I always use my tummy). I alternate each side and find a spot away from where i have recently been. Then I pinch up a good bit of fat (there is plenty of it!) but I pinch it very firmly almost squeezing in between my fingers and thumb. I then insert the needle quite slowly. if as it starts to go in it feels sharp I immediately stop and move to one side as it usually means I m going to hit something. The needle usually goes in completely painlessly. Then once in I start to inject but very very slowly making sure that I remain pinching the skin really tightly. If it starts to hurt I stop for a bit until it subsides and then continue until all the heparin is in. I then wait a few seconds before very slowly pulling out the needle. I then very slowly start to release the pressure on my pinched skin.

I find I get no blood, no little bubbles and hardly any pain. More importantly I can never even tell where the needle has been as I dont even get a little red mark anymore.

I realise this is all a bit more time consuming but for me the little lie on the bed while I am doing it and the five minutes afterwards is a good chance to relax for just a bit and I choose the same time in the day when I know this will be convenient to do this and not be disturbed.

Hope this helps somebody else and be interested to see if anyone else has the same reaction.

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Hi hon, I'm so glad you found a way that doesn't hurt, certainly don't need any more pain.

I didn't inject myself with clexane, has always been nurses in hospital, i did find if they took their time it wasn't so bad. I did, however have fertility treatment where i opted to do my own injections, i did them in thighs and found they didn't hurt so much if i took my time.

Hope you well today.

Take care gentle hugs Jessielou xxx:-) :-) :-)


Hi I am really glad you finally had a eureka moment with clexane some people do not but am really glad it working for you



That really good news. I think i am going to give some of your tick ago, I am ok 80% of the time but i still get a mother of all bruises once every week or two. If i can get over that i am on to good one.



When I was first shown how to inject heparin many years ago now, one piece of advice given to me by the nurse was to insert the needle bevel edge up.. If you look closely at the tip of your needle, its a bit like a fountain pen.. bevel edge up means sharpest point goes in first.. (so basically the area the liquid comes out from is facing up the way)

I hope this helps too :) I only ever really got the black dots after injecting, maybe couple of bruises if I had banged myself in that area.. I always used my thighs as I have a lot of stretch marks which have thinned out skin on parts of my tummy.


Hi Annie. When I was shown my nurse just said go in at 90 degrees. So I guess if you are going in straight down the sharpest point has to go in first as you say.

I was watching some of the UTube videos of people explaining how to do it. Some just dont do it right, some dont really show you how very well and some are just exhibitionists!! I was watching one thinking I bet that hurt and I bet thats going to cause a bruise too!! LOL


i found with the heparin injection using the same places hurt less - even the stinging is less, only when i started to use a new spot if the scar tissue was quite new in my normal place did it hurt


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