My St Thomas' appointment

First time in two years since I'd been but very short appointment. Couldn't come up with any reason why my memory has got worse, and thought MRI was ok, but doesn't think it's anything to do with Hughes. He said I was no worse than when last seen. So back to the neurologist again to see what he thinks.

Wasn't expecting any easy answers!

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  • So mostly good news so far on the APS front which is one less thing to worry about at least. Glad also MRI was deemed ok too.

    Sometimes there is just no answers to our, what seems like endless issues. :-( Try not to worry too much I know that is easier said than done.

    Try and enjoy this late spurt of summer and take your mind of it until you see the neurologist. At least you know him and trust his judgement which always helps. Good Luck with that.

  • Thanks Lynn

    Have e-mailed you privately .

  • Hi there, sympathies... my memory is definitely worse, and MRI fine! However I do get periods when it is better, but my general opinion is that it does not behave how it should do. Mary F x

  • Hope you don't have too long to wait, good luck.

  • Hi Caroline

    My memory is getting very bad too and my latest MRI showed no changes from the previous two; just the same small lesion.

    Best wishes.


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