Update on abcess

Well, further to my last blog my abcess got worse and worse and was feeling very unwell. So on Friday had to have it surgically sorted. Thankfully they knocked me out to do it so knew nothing about it!

Now on yet another lot of antibioctics, stronger painkillers cos it still hurts a lot and just to add to the mixture some anti sickness pills cos whatever they gave me in hosp has made me feel very very sick., I know I need to loose weight but I am sure there are better ways to do it.

I now have a 4cm hole in my belly and its quite deep, being dressed and packed every other day. Not pleasant so good thing I am not worried by that sort of thing.

On the bright side as they had to cut into muscle no vacumming, lifting or carrying shopping.

I hope that is now the end of it.

It would, however, be interesting to hear if anyone else on Clexane has had a simalair thing.

Love and hugs to all



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  • Oh you poor thing, I hope you get better very soon, so sorry you have had such a frightful time... who is peeling your grapes? Mary F x

  • Thanks, I can't see my 16 year old peeling grapes.....perhaps I should ask my kitten he is far more responsive lol

  • Hi have tried to find blog about this. How did it all start, as on clexane, warfarin etc.

  • hI Hon

    My original post was titled Update and Thanx



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