If You Are Unhappy with What ATOS Are Doing Then Please Sign This Before August 8th!

I know this requires another signature but it is important!

We have all heard the horror stories about sick, disabled and the terminally ill being declared fit for work. Well now is your chance to tell this government what you think about it - BUT you only have until the 8th August to do it!!

Please sign and send to as many people as possible so that they can do the same.



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  • Wish I could sign this but I live in US. I'm behind your plan, and good luck!!!

  • Im from Mexico...i really hope people sign it

  • Just a note..........If you are a british citizen and live abroad......I know there are some on here.......you can still sign! I am in France but still receive benefit from the UK as a British Citizen!!!!!

  • Thanks for this Lynn. I am one of the latest to enter this battle so appreciate you taking the time to organize this on my behalf and others.

    x Sue

  • Thanks Sue but can't take the credit for organising it just for trying to support it!!

  • I signed it straight away, AND passed it on for CIRCULATION! Mary F x

  • Signed and shared on Facebook.

  • I've signed and shared xx

  • signed it , then shared it too! xx

  • Thank you too Hilda, Trey and Sue

  • What! I hope you are appealing? If you want some help please ask....

    Thanks for signing x

  • and they are also keeping a rather stern eye on what people are saying about them!

    I know on one forum I am on... they are having to check all comments etc: Here is why:


    Mary F xxxx

  • Are they turning the clock back 70 years? I would not be surprised if somebody is noting the names of those signing these things and then cross referencing them against DWP data bases!! Bang goes my chances next time round lol !!

  • Don't, earlier this evening I spied a tyrannosaurus rex trotting up my high street! Things are going backwards fast! x

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