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Think Free - A New Charity For People With Food Related Illnesses

If you suffer from Gluten intolerance, food allergies or any issues related to eating foods that make you ill or your conditions worse, this new Charity could well be of interest to you.

Think Free is a charity set up to:

* Improve awareness of food-related allergies, intolerances and autoimmune illnesses;

* Lobby the Government and manufacturers to remove known problem ingredients from

food and improve labelling;

* Work with the catering industry to improve knowledge of how to cook safely;

* Produce educational material for schools to help make children (and their parents) more

aware and identify sufferers earlier on;

* Improve awareness of food-related issues with doctors;

* Once funding allows, undertake research into the conditions to improve diagnostic tools

and find better cures.

For more information go to their website

They would also like you to complete their survey which takes a couple of moments and is anonymous.

If you feel that you could then please spread the link throughout Facebook, Twitter and any other social media, here is the link for that too!

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Yes - this looks interesting Lynn - I recently joined 'The Gluten Free Gorillas' on this HU platform, will have another look at this later. Mary F x


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