Yay! At Last!

Yay! At Last!

I have just received my latest blood results and OMG hardly describes how Im feeling.

For years I have struggled to convince anyone that I have had anything wrong with me. I have had those looks, those remarks and been sent on my way. Worse still I was dismissed and given a wrong diagnosis until at last Prof Hughes and Khamashta told me that there was such a thing as seronegative!

But now all of a sudden I have got not just a positive result but a STRONGLY POSITIVE Anti B2 Glycoprotein 1 IgG result of 160.0!!!

Im not sure if that should make me pleased or scared but at least I feel vindicated! No more can I say that Im seronegative to the nonbelievers in the medical fraternity. It proves that it is just catching you at the right time and if you tested every day at some point you would get the result.

Thank God there are doctors who believe in you and give you the treatment you should have. Phew! At last........

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  • Goodness me I am going to rename you Hit the Jackpot Lynne... as you know with my multiple clots but seronegative hughes I have been driven mad by attitudes in the past, however recently passed an SLE test with multi connective tissue disease results also... but hey ho both have come out in my teenage daughter. Do feel pleased, not that anybody disbelieved you in the right circles! Just such a shame what you had to go through xxx Mary F x

  • I am glad at last you have answers! I'm sorry you have APS but I am glad you can now be given the correct medication. It means so much when at last they have found a reason for why you have for why you have felt ill etc. Sue x

  • Hi Lynn

    Having been in the same boat, oh boy do I understand the feeling of relief, strange as it seems at having the positive bloods! It's a nightmare getting there with docs etc that think your imagining it all!! Although how we imagine clots, tia's, neuro symptoms etc, I dont know! Not saying its pleasing, but thank goodness for that!!

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • I know its not going to change anything, Im on the correct treatment and do get the respect from those that matter to me. BUT....now I will have great pleasure in waving this result under the noses of the disbelievers, doubters (including members of my own family) and those that wanted to route me in another direction for their own self gratification.....that feels good!

    Thanks everyone I know you have all been there too so it all helps us when we need to empathise with others and its always better to know what you are dealing with.

    Today was definitely a good day :-) x

  • Absolutely fab news Lynn - am glad you are on the right medication but at least that awful draining fight is over! and yes please do take immense pleasure in showing them your results plus any of those doubting you, deserve to give you an apology! i notice in particular the medical profession rarely say sorry!

    kathy ;-) ;-) xxx

  • I am pleased for you Lynn it is nice to be vindicated ((hugs))


  • Really pleased - despite having positive APS and SLE the doctors kept on saying that I am complicated and they just did not know what to do here. Thankfully returned to ST and my daughter has the same. Sometimes you get the odd comments like - you look well etc and deep dwn you want to say well I am not letting these condtions get me down. Even the docs here say it!!

  • Pleased for you Lynn, shame we have to placate the sceptics though.

    As for the doubters I once had a doctor ask me 'what has happened in your life to make you so unhappy'? This was because she couldn't find out what was wrong with me!

    Onward and upwards now. Love the cartoon I think it's me x

  • I love crappy, I think I could find a comment to suit me all the time. Some may be a little unPC and upset people but I think they are hilarious! :-)

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