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Meeting at St. Thomas'!!

Meeting at St. Thomas'!!

Hi all just wanted to say how nice it was to meet some of you on Wednesday....wish we all could meet.....

At last I got to meet Prof' Hughes & his team :)

Hoping to still get my M.P. to meet up with him next month for a photo & chat to help with the awareness...also for a piece in my local paper.

Kate, just wanted to say it was great to meet you at last was nice to put faces to names at last!

Just wanted to verify also that it will be ok for me to put photos & video of Professor Hughes etc on the web? I know I asked you when I was there with you but I just wanted to make sure : )

If you want I could send you what I had taken on cd?

Hope you have all rested now, was a great 2 days in & Sheena had so many....eeerrrrrr......things go wrong :) but we still couldn't stop laughing, even tho' I know we were starting to get tired!!

That flaming BEIGE CHAIR!!!! we passed it twice on way back to hotel????

cheers again to all

Sue. xx

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Did the chair have a life of it's own? M x


I think it was following us.....perhaps we didnt pass it twice?!! xx


Great to meet you too Sue - we were all very impressed with what you've been doing for the charity and would like you to become a Charity Ambassador if that's OK??

Glad you enjoyed the day - it's generated a lot of work here at the charity but it's all good!

Yes, of course, please feel free to put up photos and videos - it would be great if you could post them in the HSF Facebook page too :)

Ah, the beige chair will haunt you forever more :) xx


WOW....cheers want to upgrade me from 'one woman awareness campaign' to Charity Ambassador now!!! wow I'm blushing big time :) :) that would help more people listen to me........

Yep I'm on the case now getting images & video's sorted to upload them as soon as possible on the face book page & the forums.

Yep...that chair will haunt us forever!!!!

Cheers hun xx


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