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Thanks to everyone(stripping at tommys)

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post . However got to say fear has kick started my diet rather well, plus I feel a trip to M&s coming on ,to buy the biggest pair of old lady knickers possible plus a masterpiece of construction ( a very large super bra). It won't be money wasted as afterwards if I don't like them I can give them to someone (maybe as a sack to carry potatoes in? ) Any other ideas for use afterwards greatly recieved !!! Sorry if I am lowering the tone of this Fab website , and thanks again for your supportive posts.

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Mully, we all get by on humour - sometimes it is what gets us through a very difficult situation, you are clearly worried, relax and know everything will be as it should and it is how it is supposed to be.


:) Lesley


You remind me very much of somebody who has abandoned us this week for a break in eastern Europe!! Either you and her have merged or you have become her identical twin......

Old Lady Knockers (oh dear have super size bras on the brain) I mean knickers... I do beg your pardon.. actually have a certain appeal as I seam to remember from that fabulous film with the rather gorgeous Hugh Grant who seemed to like them exceedingly well!! perhaps you will start a new trend as I never liked those thong things, very uncomfortable....sorry chaps if we are lowering the tone but you dont have to consider these things!! :-)


Thongs aagh! Tried them once when I was thin. They are spawn of satan, seriously masochistic.

I had a friend who's husband wore them poor her!

Big knickers rule, you can get some pretty ones as well.


Goodness me, I just hope that St T;s has this effect on us all, I am due there soon! Humour is good for everything including visits to the doctors. Hopefully this will bring a posting full of decent medical jokes.. Mary F X


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