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National patients day 16 may

Hi is anyone travelling from the south west to London? Train prices may work out to expensive for me & hubby so may go alone or can anyone advise me if we drove part of the way then catch train / tube where would be a place we can do this leaving the car safe & not parking charges if poss cheers kath :-)

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Hi Kath

When I go to London, from just south of Bath, I leave my car in the Heathside Car Park in Woking, a few minutes walk from the station, and then get a train into Waterllo. Fast trains seem to run about every 10 mins with a journey time of 25 minutes or so.

Best wishes.



Thanks Dave is it expensive parking fees at heathside? That sounds best option :-) cheers :-)


Hi Kathy,

I don't know exactly where you are travelling from but I usually go by First Great Western from Taunton.

If you get an offpeak return it is usually quite reasonable. If you live further down country you can get a train from Tiverton.

Unfortunately I am not going this year as I am on holiday otherwise I would offer to meet you.

Hope this helps



Hi sue I live in wick not far from bath spa but being in a village buses tend to run infrequently into bath where the nearest train station is. Parking is a nightmare in bath so time added to get to station I need to take into account. The prices for 2 to travel using off peak via train worked out at £43 each then to add will be cost once in london to get to St Thomas's. If I was meeting you that would be great as hubby then could drop me of at station but he does not want me to travel alone but if in the future we attend that would be lovely to meet up with you sue. Taunton approx 50 mins away by car.

I enjoy an adventure :-) but always do my homework first to help conclude most economical option.

Thank you for your reply will keep options open looked at coaches but no good plus need to keep in mind I struggle with early starts so driving might prove quickest more convenient option as suggested by Dave or else I be the one sound asleep at the back!!

That's another story my battle to wake up in the morning :-) :-) :-) Kathy x


Have you looked on the Im going to St.thomas on 18th may from northampton and got return tickeks for myself and husband for £27 return for both of us. Normally if you buy tickets on day a cheap day return is £25 eacc. It is worth a look.


Wow good price thanks for that will check it out Kathy :-)


Hi Kathy, me & Sheena are travelling up the day before & stopping at a hotel near the hospital....Sheena has the details! :) I dont even know where shes taking me!! :) be nice if a few of us could meet up the day before? or we'll see you there on the 16th hun, take care xx


Sounds good to me :-) I would consider joining you both if I didn't have a late app on 15th with rheumatologist. 1800hrs! Perhaps they felt they need all evening as i have sent a few emails as the research comes in it goes down the email line to them. I only see them every 6 months so have to get the most out of the appointment :-) see you both on the 16th xx:-) xx


we could perhaps meet you before or in the evening after if you wanted? we'll keep in touch & let you know where we are :) x


sorry i am not able to come this year again train is costly (£92 ago pre booked on trainline from cumbria) and facting in having to take a day of work and 2 St Thomas appointments in the last month.

Maybe next year



Hi clare I have looked its over £100 pounds so dulcie had a Fab deal:-) I'm so much closer than you to London so it must be a very exhausting costly day or days out for you hun I've done many a trip to Newcastle on the train but now fligh up as cheaper than train by lots of dosh last time I compared kx


have decided, well hubby suggested to go to reading and stay over park car up and catch train through to waterloo. Reading being half an hour less drive than woking as hubby on 12hr shift day after otherwise would of driven to woking. Found nice hotel called great expecatations its central good reviews within 5 min walk to train station. Also found car park £14 for 24hrs close to hotel which for £59 for a double good full breaky should see us well rested and fed before going to london - phew glad thats sorted train ticket is £21 each so see you all there hope i thought of everything xxx ;-)


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