Corby radio interview link !!!

Corby radio interview link !!!

Hi here is a link to the radio interview I diid in last I recieved the link!!!!! :)

Time to run & hide now as I'll be embarased of a couple of things that came out 'Proffessor Hughes found it!'.........what a stupid statement!!! what did he do....lift up a cushion & go...'there you are, I found you?'!!!!! duh ! it is! :

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  • Hey you, good on you, will now listen to it... the fact is you did is me that is under a cushion! Mary F x

  • Hi, Suzypaws.

    Go girl! well done.

    I think that you did a wonderful interview and gave us all a very good image, indeed.

    Don't worry about the supposed goof, it was truthful because it is the truth, he did actually discover it first.

    Wayne L

  • Just listened to the interview, well done hun xx

  • Fantastic hon!! Nothing to be embarrassed about is truth!! Love n hugs sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Shucks.......thanks guys :)

    Glad you liked it!

    Our other sister forum & my furry critter friend Sue :) gave me an idea earlier.........the poster I've made & have been putting it everywhere I go......If you could all put some wherever you can, doctors surgeries, community centres etc that would be great!

    I take them to everywhere I go, wether its visiting family/friends, at gigs, on hols!! as on my website there are so many links I have added now to do with Hughes , including their website & charity info' & when I set my business off too next year there is a % of whatever is made to go to Hughes foundation too! also a couple of other business' that have said once it's up & running they too want to donate to Hughes foundation too!! so I'm trying to get the word out there ready!

    So please the more of my leaflets that go out the better!!!

    obviously for those in England really :( unless you can edit my leaflet & put for information on Hughes Syndrome only.

    Let me know if you would want to do this & I'll work out a way to get it to you! I will have some with me for when I come down to the London meeting in May so if you want some then feel free to ask me, me & Sheena are so looking forward to it!! xxxx

  • I just listened to your interview and thought you were great, well done!!! Thanks from us all I'm sure!

  • I just listened and it was WONDERFUL! I am like a proud Mom over

    Keep on Keepin' on!!!!

  • Ah....thats so nice of you both :) xx

  • well done Sue and your poster is great!! the more publicity on this the better


  • Thanks Paddy, I'm trying to the best of my ability :)

  • Hi Sue,

    What a good idea, I'll takes some if I can get hold of them.

    Typical I can't make this years forum as I am away and I am so looking forward to meeting you sometime.

    x Furry Critter Friend

  • If you pm me on either of the forums I'll post some to you if you like?

    I know I was hoping to get to meet you too :( I'm sure there will be another time, plus I'll always put on the forums any gigs we do in other areas for any one that can make it too :) xx

  • No speakers on the charity PC so I will listen at home this evening if I get time :) It sounds as though it was a success for all the positive comments :) Thanks for doing this.

    PS. I am seeing Lynne this lunchtime so will find out about the leaflets being couriered from Dorset x

  • Ok thanks Kate, I can get them distributed out too xx

  • Well done Sue, well done!

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done

    I think it was brilliant, I would like some posters too please will be at the forum

    Karen xx

  • Thank you :)

    will you be at the London meeting? I'm not sure how to pu it on here :( or would you like me to email you a copy :) xx

  • Very sell done Suzy. You must be used to the microphone?

    I am sure this will have helped many people.



  • I've done a little singing!! but I am a nervous wreck !!!! which is why some things came out not as I had planned!

    I hope it helped someone....thats why we do these things hey?!! cheers Garry oh & happy birthday :)

  • Hi Suzy what is the poster can I print out and put up at places down here?



  • oh yes please that would be great if you could...I dont know how to put it on here? I did put a copy on our sister forum or I could email it you? :)

  • Hi to anyone that would like to print any of my posters I've mentioned further up this post, if you pm me with your email address I can send you a copy.

    Thanks, Sue xx

  • That was Fab you certainly have a great voice for radio - well done kxxx

  • You think? thanks :) xx

  • I am at a gig again tonight at the JCB club with the guys yep there I will distribute lots of cards & posters again! :)

    Please help me distribute them all over the country by passing on your email via p.m. & I will send you the word document, together it will get the Hughes foundation word out there to the general public :)

    Thank you to all that have already done this :)

    Keep well & happy guys :) xx

  • dearest -Suzypawz- i dont know if you remember me , my name is jet !! i would just love a copy of your material , i believe you can contact me ??? your long lost Buddy --------------------------- uncle Benny Jet

  • At last I have listened to it!! Well done on a great job Sue - interesting how the media always want to call it sticky blood - I think this must be easier for them to understand, don't even try mentioning antiphospholipid as their eyes glaze over ...

    Thanks for getting the charity's name and website in there - just think how many other people you could have helped by doing this :)

    Thank you!

    Kate x

  • Hi Jet, hope your ok bud......I'll try to email you later if you want? I'll send you the poster!! :)

    Hi Kate, thanks hun :) I know.....he called it that yet I didn't even suggest it to him.....they must like you say just think thats the best way to describe it?

    I'm still tryng to get in to other stations, papers etc!!!

    I'm not giving up! the more I hear on here how the medical proffesion walk around with their blinkers on & dismiss Hughes as being serious the more I get annoyed & it's fueling me to do more!!!!!

    Thanks again Kate, I hope to meet you one day :) maybe May in London? xx

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