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After reading symptom olympics I started realizing how many symptoms and conditions are common among us. I am new here to the APS community. Let's make a brief list of our symptoms to compare. I thought a lot of things were unrelated but not anymore. We have a lot more in common than I realized! Interesting.




Dizzy spells & Funny turns

NAFLD & digestion problems

Kidney, bladder infections, stones

Dry eyes

Always thirsty

Migraines (auras as a teenager)

Shooting pains



Cog Fog

positive antiphospholipid ab

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Hello, glad you found us, and yes indeed these are familiar symptoms although to this list I would myself add poor sleep. DO you have just APS or have they looked at anything else such as sjogrens? and Lupus? I find it very useful to compare my syptoms against those of others!

Best wishes. Mary F


Hi sassy

Welcome to the group we have a post which has been running ls question called the symptom Olympics I posted it on blogs have a look and welcome to the group



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