Has anyone experienced pain along with pins and needles sensation?

I have pain in upper arm and tingling/numbness in hand and fingertips, its not a blood clot and my ecg was fine, just want to know if anyone with aps has experienced anything similar?

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  • Pins and needles? Sort of. But not in the arm -- along the sciatic nerve down my left thigh. This is part of an ongoing hip quasi-arthritis flair that I have had for a year now. Doppler sonograms were negative for DVTs in the legs ( I have had 2 sonograms.) I finally got a doc to order an X Ray of the spine, and I'm off to a neurologist next month. I have had no numbness, but instead feel a burning or "scrape," (remember how those slowly-healing skinned knees felt when you were a kid?) and sometimes an out-and-out muscle cramp. My docs think osteoarthritis, but the pelvic X Ray shows only "minimal age-related degeneration" of the hip and a pelvic MRI showed no inflammation. Because this sciatic "scrapy feel" is linked to bouts of fatigue, etc I suspect autoimmune. My docs think I'm crazy for thinking this because "Your blood work looks fine!" I will stay tuned to your posts. Good luck.

  • Same exact thing I have, had doplar, CT scan and hip XRay, Dr. said it must be arthritis. put me on steroids for a week and that helped a bit but did not get rid of...Dr said "probably" going to order MRI of spine..who knows.....

  • Hi Mel

    I get pain down both arms and constant numbness in my leg and from time to time I also have numbness down my left side (Face and arm). I call it a fake stroke.

    I was told by my GP that it will be caused by my continuous migraines and that I have to live with.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best in your quest for the answers.

  • I have had this for many years, but the Dr's have always said it was a trapped nerve in my neck, but it comes and goes. I did see a neurologist again some years ago and he thought I had MS but did some tests and I didn't, now it affects my legs as well. But my brain MRI shows no lesions in my brain and no problem with my spine, just a mystery as I have always been. Once I found about APS I understood why all these odd things have happened to me. Its 50 years since I was first hospitalised for a rash and paralasis of arms and legs then they thought of meningitis, but that was negative. The 8 miscarriages and no live births that is the clincher for me the blood tests proved positive and then negative, so it seems to come and go but I just take the aspirin 75mgs but the problem now is my eyes. I have had 50 good years with just these odd incidents from time to time but I feel happier now that I know what is causing it and not a Dr's nightmare any more. When I get my eye sorted out and I can stop taking Steroids tabs I hope life will return to "normal". I am taking the steroid for Temporal artritis.

  • Hi Mel

    Yes I have had pins and needles in my hands and numbness in my left arm. Seems to come and go though. These symptoms have only happened during the last couple of months though since I caught flu and am still waiting to feel better. Assume its just symptoms of a flare of APS but not sure.

    Take care


  • I get this after a nasty flare, especially first thing in the morning. M F x

  • Hi Mel,

    I have pain in both my upper arms,, along the humerus. I sit sometimes with both arms being held by my hands as heat does seem to help. I also have some anti-inflammatory gel which does help at times. The pins and needles I had just after a stroke in 2006 but they seem better now. Much love MaryH xxx

  • Hi Mel

    Yes hon I have the same, especially when inr too low, when i wake up its like I've slept on my hands. My hands and arms hurt too. doc thinks I have problems in cervical spine, I also have degenerative disc disease.

    I hope you get answers and help fron docs.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Mel,

    Welcome to the group, we happy to help where we can, i do get pins and needles in my hands and arms drivess me nuts. we all here to help


  • Hi Mel

    I used to get numbness in all the fingers of my right hand, before I was diagnosed with APS and put on warfarin, The numbness would start in the little finger, spread to all the other fingers and then go in the same way after about 30 mins.

    I still occasionally get it in one or other finger and pins and needles also. I get a sense of stiffness in the right arm and hand and transient joint pain in the little finger.

    I also sometimes get a sense that my hands and arms are covered in cobwebs.

    Good luck and best wishes.


  • Dave...what a great analogy for that feeling on your arms and hands. I get that same sensation as well...out of the blue.

  • Hi Mel....

    I do get the pins and needles most often. It is usually always in my legs and lower back for the past month or so. Prior to that I had it intermittenly. I do get it in my arms down to my fingers as well...sometimes following I have an episode of Raynaud's in my fingers. I also get the same feeling on my face. I have told the doc this and they look for a reason but it seems to be just one of those things. I do get sharp stabbing pains in my legs and bottoms of my feet as well.

    Good Luck Mel!

  • well started getting pins and needles down righthand side, finger tips and legs, assume it is with APS also slight pins down face. Just checked INR 3.9 gone down from 4.1 yesterday, but my ideal is 3.7ish - have to have test on Monday for INR - since being on Warfarin, so many things I have suffered from i.e. feeling cold and pins and needles and these INRs all over the place. I am getting tired now and ready for bed.

  • Hi yes I have the same sort of pain you described started with numb legs with lower back pain would get to bad u could not walk, then it went away and started having left shoulder pain acing sort of, this would spread to my neck, and now has gone to my upper left arm and gives me pins and needles in my lower arm and fingers, it comes like a wave and then goes again. been reading ur views , sort of glad i found this site as i thought i may have a clot or something bad, also had a trickling like water running down my left cheek after a sharp pain in my head, so thought i may have just had a stroke or something felt weird or scary welcome to being 46 i guess.

  • Hi, I see you have just joined, I presume from your answer that you do not have a diagnoses of APS/Hughes?

    This forum is particulary for this disease and I think you have landed here by mistake - if not a mistake then please start a new post a bit about yourself and your health issues.

    As this post is over 5 years, I will be turning off further replies to this post.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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