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List of books and other pointers

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Hello again!

I will keep posting list of interesting books and pointers here that I come across.

Not all are specific to APS.

Negotiating situation like APS for someone with APS and their near and dear ones is matter beyond technical/medical details. So, the books I am positing or other resources will range wider. I will mark which ones are specifically related to APS.

I feel it will be good if we can update the page with some of the go-to books. It will make it easy for new members and existing ones to quickly find these.

I do not know how to do that. I suppose one of the administrators have to modify the page.


The following book is NOT specifically for APS.

Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Inspire by Rachel Naomi Remen.

Here is a book I just started reading. I have barely gotten to the first few chapters and I already find it one of the most powerful books I have read.

A friend of a close friend recommended it. She has lived with Lupus for last almost 2 decades beating dire odds and predictions after the initial diagnosis. I am in awe of her.

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Is this book specifically about APS?

Also I don’t think you are allowed to put links to buying anything on here, you should ask the Admins first if you can add it, you may have to just type the title and Author only.

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Star13

Yes, that is correct, no direct links to sales, but a mention of titles and author, fine. MaryF

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It's too easy to struggle (especially when newly diagnosed) through the good stuff and the dross. This page is for APS and there are other pages for eg Lupus, sjogrens etc. It's hard enough to struggle finding the correct doctor to treat you and not get side tracked with irrelevant books.

The Admins on here are very knowledgeable and helpful and more than happy to help out with specifics. I'm glad they help you -but for me personally, they are too 'airy fairy' when I need help with my APS.

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I can see why you recommend the book!

I have a suggestion. In future, by all means recommend books and why, but please don’t link to external sites to buy the book. Just the title, author and a summary about the book. You can also include whether it’s about APS or not. A moving tribute to your friend.

I hope you understand and thank you for your contribution!

With good wishes,


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Here are books specifically related to APS

Sticky Blood Explained: Hughes Syndrome - by Kay Thackray

Living with Hughes Syndrome - by Holden, Triona

Positive options for antiphospholipid syndrome : self-help and treatment - by Holden, Triona

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