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APS..Post Continued...


Hello...As now I have been studying about APS, one thing I came to know that it occurs much more in and through Pregnancies, and related to the concept of Pregnancy like Miscarriages etc...But my mom never had a miscarriage...She had both the normal deliveries ( me -a girl child and my sibling-brother) nor in her forefathers, previous generations, both maternal and paternal sides APS has not occurred. I mean no genetic/hereditary.. Then why APS has developed in her now? So Late? 🤔 and I am married for 2 years now and 28 years old, Should I also be testing for APS now?

I was not understanding anything and I had gone Blank, by then I stopped by this Site, and am actually very Happy to be a part of this group and to be on this site..From yesterday, I have become strong and Positive after reading so many experiences and stories here. I Thank Everyone here, for the Love and Support, and all the Help which I am getting through this Forum..I feel, I have come to the right forum...I have started studying now, about APS- Its a very unusual syndrome..I am going to stick by my mother's side, thru thick and thin...no matter what....

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Autoimmune diseases are random, like a game of cards! If you are unlikely, you develop APS or SLE etc

It might be that for your mother, she was lucky vis a viz her pregnancy. One person had 2 successful pregnancies, then multiple miscarriages due to APS.

It's important to look after yourself if you are going to look after your mother, who is lucky to have you!

While it's important to be positive, you can't always, so rely on your support network, including me and others here!

With good wishes,


Abc91 in reply to lupus-support1

True.. but then also, I have got the courage to face anything and everything , after coming here!!

I can tell you that I am in June 75 years old, have triple antibodies, in high titres and have never had a miscarriage. Live in Sweden. Have wonderful Specialists who know me since 14 years and feel ok when I take my Warfarin.

I have two grown up girls and got APS with TIAs and neurological issues in 2002. My two girls have tested for autoantibodies but none! Warfarin has been my lifesaver with a rather high INR of 4.0.

I was in your mothers age when I got my symptoms. It may start with pain in your body/ or a stroke or PE or DVT or also with a sudden trauma. We all have APS here but we also have different sorts of APS.

Abc91 in reply to Lure2

Okay Mam, Thank-you!

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Abc91 in reply to Hidden

Yes my mother used to say about Headaches frequently but she has Hyperacidity too...So we didn't think about it much...and recently I had a miscarriage too....Should I be worried?

Lure2 in reply to Abc91

If you had a miscarriage I think you should ask for a test of the 3 antibodies for APS. We can have antibodies without beeing ill also. Also we can have symptoms without the antibodies. They may come later on. Not easy.


Hello our new found friend! ❤️

India has such a lovely culture. It’s known for very strong and large and loving families.

You represent your faith and culture and country and family and MOTHER very well.

As a mother of a daughter about to be 28 herself, and she helps me too, I will speak for your mother now when she cannot... she does know you, she does feel you, and she appreciates you more deeply than words can ever convey.

Your mother has raised a beautiful, smart, and very caring daughter. We are all here to help you and your mother.

My mother also had APS. Unfortunately... we did not realize what it was at the time. She did not get the help she needed. I was a little younger than you are now.

So let’s do this together!

And yes, you need to be tested, and you need to be, “ aware and vigilant.”

Do not get pregnant again until you are under the care of a specialist, and you must never be on birth control pills ever again. You do need to discontinue them right away. With a clotting disorder on your mothers side, you should not be on any hormones at all. Call your gynecologist tomorrow please.

What can we call you? What is your name, please?

Abc91 in reply to KellyInTexas

Well, Thank-you so much for your appreciation and kind words...I am overwhelmed 😘....and thanks for the reply too..I will take care of myself...get tested ...My name is Shweta...🤗 The meaning of this name is White colour- defined as a symbol of peace in our country!!! And about Pregnancy, I will TC of it and take care about the stuff, you have suggested! Thank-you!

KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Abc91

Perfect name for you. Beautiful.

Take care, Shweta.

We will all stay in touch.

Greetings from Texas

Abc91 in reply to KellyInTexas

Yes Thank-you! 😘 A big Hiiiiii and Hug to you too! Take care...🤗

We're all so different, I was diagnosed at 58 after a stroke, never had any of the symptoms most people complain of. Had two perfectly healthy pregnancies etc. Mine was triggered by Hrt. My only real symptoms seem to be strokes and joint degeneration.

Abc91 in reply to Tucson

Ohh....okay...Thanks for the reply!!!!

Your mom is one lucky woman to have a precious daughter standing by her side!❤️God Bless you both🙏🏻

Abc91 in reply to hihannula

Ohh Thank-you !!!! 😘 Please pray for her

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