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Prof Graham Hughes Blog For March 2018

Heard of "Syndrome X" - then read on!

Here is the link to Prof Hughes monthly Blog which will now be available from the GHIC website:


Whilst you are there, why not take advantage and read some of the other historical Blogs - there are 48 at the moment - so take your pick!

If not already a member of the charity, please join and download the free 20 page booklet "Hughes Syndrome - An Introduction"

And, If you fancy starting a Fundraising page for us, there are plenty of choices and ideas to get you started.

Remember those "Questions of the Month?" Well keep looking out because its coming back soon and you could find yourself on the website along with the others already published!!

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This should be interesting for those suffering chest pain. TY for posting, Cindy


Great. MaryF


Interesting post.

I am at this present time waiting for a CT Cardiac Angiogram for chest pain.

I found Syndrome X interesting and I shall be pointing this syndrome out to my cardiologist. At present they have discovered I have a couple of slightly leaky valves which I believe is also a fairly common find with other Hughes patients.

In regard to Professor Hughes comment on the weather and Vitamin D3 my recent D3 result were marginally low.

I have hypoparathyroidism and medicated for low Vitamin D3 with calcitriol so was very surprised to find my levels were low. Due to the resent low results I am now supplementing further to bring my levels back into the normal range.

I feel due to the awful weather and lack of sunshine many will be low on this essential vitamin and suffering the side effects.........bone pain, weak muscles, low mood ect.


Thank you Lynn. I will repost in LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS).


where on this site does it give the INR being in the 3 to 4 range ?? anyone ??



Its on the Hughes page under Treatment then warfarin.


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