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Bacteria In Your Intestines Can Trigger Autoimmune Diseases

Bacteria In Your Intestines Can Trigger Autoimmune Diseases

According to this new study in Science, bacteria in the small intestines can travel to other organs and trigger an autoimmune response. Researchers also found that the autoimmune reaction could be suppressed with an antibiotic or vaccine designed to target the bacteria.

These finding mean that there is a promise of new approaches to treating autoimmune diseases such as Lupus.


Here is a link to the actual study abstract:


Authors: S. Manfredo Vieira1, M. Hiltensperger1, V. Kumar2, D. Zegarra-Ruiz1, C. Dehner1, N. Khan1, F. R. C. Costa1,*, E. Tiniakou1,†, T. Greiling1,‡, W. Ruff1, A. Barbieri3, C. Kriegel1, S. S. Mehta4, J. R. Knight4, D. Jain3, A. L. Goodman5, M. A. Kriegel1,2,§

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This is well documented, any decent functional medicine doctor will investigate, leaky gut, and also the Candida Albicans connection. Thanks for putting this on here. MaryF


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