Anyone else have a full blown stroke then diagnosed w/ Aps?

I just realized I have not directly inquired about this and would like to connect with others with my same situation, Cindy

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  • Several on here have had that experience. MaryF

  • Yes me! And that was after a DVT/PE!

  • Yes, two stokes, 3 years apart wasn't diagnosed until 10 years later.

  • Yes, multiple strokes before diagnosis of APS...

  • Thanks for responding. I have spoke with you all before just never put it all together🤪

  • Yep me too, diagnosed with Aps 4 years after first stroke, a year after second stroke.

  • Yep, multiple DVT and TIS before being diagnosed and a stroke afterwards.

  • Yes, my diagnose was made 6 years after my stroke...

  • Me too. Two strokes and several TIAs before diagnosis

  • There were an uncountable number of spider webby white spots on my MRI just prior to diagnosis. What I had called “ panic attacks” turned out to be not panic attacks, not migranes, not TIAs but full blown ischemic strokes! My neurologist was amazed that i could still finish his 2line quote from Hamlet.

    Scary yes, but after warfain, whiach proved to be a perfect match for me, 1year later all but 1of those spider webs were gone!

  • Hi Gina,

    I have never been able to finish 2line quote for Hamlet as I wonder how that is?

    Best wishes from Kerstin

  • Im a Shakespeare fan. The doctor walked in and asked, “you were an English major right? So can you finish this quote: to be or not to be that is the question.“ and eager to show off my Shakespeare skills I recited the rest of the soliloquy. The doctor then showed me the MRIs with all those spiderwebs and was amazed that the owner of those MRIs was able to quote the entire soliloquy from Hamlet.

  • Hi Gina,

    Not many people without MRIs would quote the rest....... I am one!

    What is an English major? something to do with the army? ....

    Have a nice weekend!


  • An English major is short for English Literature major - nothing to do with any army.

  • Gina,

    Ahh ........... that why you can quote Shakespeare sleeping.


  • That’s great!

  • Had major stroke 2011 was thrombolised at kings collage hospital they found pfo hole in the heart but never tested me for antiphosolipid symdrome!!!!

    Wasn’t until 3 months later when I started suffering mini strokes

    Amourus fugax that then I was tested for it .... was well on my way towards a second major stroke

    All the best good luck 😉

  • Yes in 2014. Was dx with APS during hospitalization. Had been dx w undifferentiated connective tissue disease a couple of years prior. Now on hydroxycholoquinine/plaquenil and Warfarin. I’m in the US and thankfully found this site shortly after my stroke.

  • I was diagnosed and started Warfarin 10 years after I had my first mini-strokes or what it was (it was not seen on a Scan) and symptoms. I was on Trombyl (like baby-Aspirin) that we use in Sweden from the first day.


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