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Starting Anticoagulation with Jack

This video, curtesy of Wessex AHSN Limited and thanks to Prof Beverley Hunt on Twitter for highlighting, is a basic but informative short animation that will help anyone who is about to start or has just started to use warfarin.

Although aimed mainly at those with AF it has relevance for anybody who needs anticoagulation.


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Great info, thank you for putting this on here. MaryF


Informative video which I will pass on to aunt who has just been started on NOACs for Afib and yesterday went to A&E with small finger cut which wouldnt stop bleeding..

But did notice that Jack fell on his head and ended up with a graze on his knee! The Headway folk would recommend a cycle helmet I think.

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Thanks APsnotFab. Good, simple reminders.


Thank you for posting, nice easy understanding information.


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