B12 injections:

I know it is individualized but curious to how often people are getting them?

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  • This varies from person to person depending on what the doctor decides! MaryF

  • Never.

  • Never had one.

  • Never had one either...

  • So it seems people are only taking by mouth on here, interesting. Hmm. I was always taught in nursing school that it had better absorption via injection. I wonder if doctors are ordering this or if people are self- supplementing?

  • My doctor draws labs and will then evaluate- if it’s urgent- then injection- other wise maintain.

    That’s why Mary F said it’s individualized.

    APS patients are recommended to be seen by internal medicine upon diagnosis- not family medicine unless family medicine physician is also qualified for internal medicine.

    So have your internist keep tabs on your numbers.

    No one can really accurately answer this question except your internist.

    As a nurse yourself, you understand the relevance if the question and answer.

    I’d suggest shot because it’s hard to find b- 12 supplements without the K. However, you are on enoxaparin- so this would not apply. So again, ask internist the pros and cons of better absorption of an injection with regards to your personal medication list. Or, your hematologist. It’s all very personalized.

  • That’s the answer my internist gave me. Inject if urgent- oral if not urgent

  • Thanks, Cindy

  • Second thought: Just wondering, what does he say makes it urgent? Cindy

  • I don't supplement either-haven't had a need for it.

  • Ive been stable on tablets - take 2 a day, 12 hours apart.

    I get tested every 3-6 months.

  • No my B12 has always been excellent so no need for supplements.

  • Mine too, thanks for participating in my question, Cindy

  • Never been prescribed so am ok.my daughter has injections every 6mths

  • Thank you does your daughter have APS?

  • No she doesn't

  • injection every 3 months

  • Aloha from Hawaii. ..

    I get an Rx for 1000 mcg/ml in each vial, and syringes.

    My husband gives me one injection per month (in the butt).


  • Thank you for answering the question I asked, doing some research😌

  • I am having issues that are all comparable with B 12 deficiency, even though a regular b 12 test showed a level of 500. I have been researching several articles that report other testing is necessary to get an accurate diagnosis. I was diagnosed several years ago with a small intestinal diverticulum, which is where the ansorbtion through intrinsic factor is necessary for retaining adequate b 12. It has been so very frustrating, trying to get my doctors to listen and possibly actually learn new things. I have tried supplementing with b 12 pills, but I have noticed some intestinal discomfort after taking them. I am having anxiety, depression, migraines, dizziness, off balance, weakness extreme fatigue, brain fog, blurred vision, pins and needles in toes and fingers, strange sensations in head, periodic clicking sounds and flushed feeling in right ear, along with the inability the maintain a stable weight.

    I am seeing a neuro now whom I pray will receive my research info and pursue the necessary test, that will save me before its too late. Thank you all for listening.

  • I had your symptoms but much better since Prof Bruce put me on 10mg of Amitriptyline and I take 5000 B12 supplement a day . I also take Warafrin. My symptoms are so much better now . I was getting to the stage Where I thought something bad was going to happen and that one little tablet saved my sanity. Prof Bruce said I have nerve damage !!

  • Glad you are feeling better🤔

  • I’m on one a month but it’s proving to not be enough. They will check labs next week but will likely be increasing. Not sure to what though.

  • B-12 spray under tongue. Works great.

  • Good to know, ty, Cindy

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