GHIC Donation Page Is Live

GHIC Donation Page Is Live

Hi Everyone

As you know we are busy building the website which we hope will be live very soon. Whilst we beaver away, we thought we would give all those lovely people who have been asking about how they can donate to the charity, an easy way to do so.

You can either go directly to our website address here:

which will look like this picture, or you will have noticed that we have created a campaign here on HU under each new post (below), which also allows you to connect directly to that page by clicking the "Click to Donate" button. If that is not enough, if you go to the bottom of the right hand column on the Home page, you will see "Support Us" and can press that green Donate Now button.

Once on our page you have many choices in the way you can donate to us as no amount is too small, it all helps to achieve our goal. If you are feeling energetic or have a enterprising idea to raise some funds, then please go to our fundraising page and set one up for yourself.

Thank You so much for thinking of us. We are extremely grateful for every penny towards achieving our goal.

And after you have made a donation or set up a fundraising page, you can either come back here from the direct link to tell us all about it or tweet about it from our Twitter Link.

We look forward to hearing about all your activities.

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