GOOD NEWS for a change

Hello. I now have hope!!! For the past 18 months I had been falling, unexpectedly, at least once a week. No warning, no sensation, no dizziness - my legs just gave out on me. And of course I would get hurt. My psychologist suggested I see my chiroprator who had helped with the vertigo I went through 2 years ago. I went and saw him, had xrays done the same day and went back to see him 5 days later for the results. I had broken my tailbone twice over the years, and reinjured it again recently. The lower 5 vertebrae were compressed, and moving a certain way, the compressions would interfer with the nerves nearby. That is why I was falling! Since the first treatment 5 weeks ago, I have not fallen once. NOT ONCE!!!! I do the easy exercises and see him weekly. Yeah! Hip hip hurrah!! At physio where they are working on partial tears relating to my left shoulder it had been suggested that I be fitted for a cane and a walker. I was deeply depressed with both these ideas as you can imagine. Neither would go very well with me getting in the water in the Caribbean to snorkle! :) But now I have hope again of leading the life I want to. I am a 60 yr.old woman who had just started exploring the world. There is HOPE out there. You just need to find the right person.

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  • Well done you for your hard work-keep it up, the warm water becons...

    Thanks for good news... x

  • Yay! Nice to hear some good news here! Good for you. You will be snorkeling again before you know it!!!

  • Thanks for letting us know, it sounds like you have a nice adventure ahead! MaryF

  • Great news-and the holiday sounds pretty good as well!

  • Hi really please things are going so well for you I walk with a stick sometimes really good when walking on uneven ground, also people tend to give you more space.

    I love snorkeling too, enjoy

  • Hi, I am very glad to hear that they have found the cause!

    Sometimes we also fall from bad bloodsupply to the brain caused by HS/APS. I hope you will not stop anticoagualtion now.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • No I am not stopping my anti coagulant. I would like to prevent or put off any more strokes!! Thanks for your concern Kerstin.

  • Great news! Thanks for sharing!

  • 🏝🐠

    Say hello to Nemo for me when you find him!

    ( great story! Both your's and Disney's!)

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