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Guys I am getting beyond scared!

I have had what I thought was constipation for a few weeks now, but it is being acompanied by numerous pains in my body and i hate it! I don't really know where to actually start, one minute I have pain in my right rib, the next in my left rib. Then another night i went to try and sleep and ended up not falling asleep due to the back of my ribs feeling very sore on both sides. I have pains elevating to my back and shoulder at times to. I am not sure whether this pain is my mind making me think its this bad or I am actually suffering with something because they don't feel imaginary! I am only 17 and I seem to think I have all sorts of cancers! :(

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I see you have just joined. This is a forum for Hughes Syndrome only not a general medical Forum. Please let me know if you have this disease or not or if you have landed on here by mistake. I suggest you see your GP for your problems.

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Im sure your pains are real to you but anxiety will make them feel much worse, please go and talk through with your GP, especially to be reasurred about your fear of cancers.

Come back to us if you have Hughes/Aps.

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I agree with what my colleagues have already said.



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