Update: Doctor confirmed TIA

So my doctor finally got back with me and said that my primary diagnosis from my last episode of arm numbness was that I had a TIA involving my carotid artery. I am being scheduled to see a Hematologist now because of the APS. He is still appealing with the insurance to get the MRI he wants one to rule out MS. I do not think I have MS. I believe I had a TIA because of APS. Now that the doctor has diagnosed it as that I am hoping the Hematologist will take over and put me on the right medication. For now the Neurologist must think the Beta Blocker and Aspirin are enough. I feel as though I am slower to come up with words than I used to be and I get brain fog more. I definitely am struggling with my emotions more. I don't know if it's the after effects of having had a TIA or if it's just the knowledge that it happened and could happen again. Thank you everyone on here for all of the information and support you give. It has really helped me not to give up while trying to deal with doctors.

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  • One step forward, two backwards phrase comes to mind? At least you gave a diagnoses. I think you need more than aspirin, even though the TIA is supposed to be a mini stroke, it still takes time to get over, medically and emotionly, give yourself time and a bit of sympathy... keep strong xx

  • I agree about needing more than aspirin but at least I'm in something and the doctors are paying attention now. Maybe the Hematologist with switch me to something better. I did not understand why I have had so much trouble controlling my emotions until after the doctor confirmed that it was a TIA and I read that can be an after effect. I am an emotional person as it is but this has made it worse. Thanks for all the support everyone on here.

  • Do you have the hematologist appt scheduled? Perhaps the neurologist doesn't know any better. Should you develop any more symptoms go to the emergency department right away, you don't want to have a full blown stroke. I'm not trying to scare you but you don't want to take any chances. Best of health, Cindy in NJ

  • I think y0u are making exce11ent pr0gress with the medica1 pr0fessi0n I h0pe the next stage g0es we11 as y0u are c1ear1y 0n the right path MaryF

  • Thank you MaryF your posts make me laugh with all the numbers 😂 I hope you get your keyboard fixed soon or get a new one but I think it's cute. It's like your own personalized font.

  • Honestly, as scary as this is, this TIA is the best thing that could have happened to you. ( provided it goes no further and you fully recover, which my understanding with a TIA is that you should- that's why it's " transient." I had one too.)

    Why do I say this?

    It's going to the the thing that gets you to the heme and gets you properly anti coagulated!

    Rivoroxaban ( xeralto) will not be indicated for you due to arterial involvement ( TIA. ) Only Coumadin. This has been demonstrated by the RAPS trial which the admin have attached in the portion here of the forum called pinned posts. You will need an INR of 3.5 I believe according to the raps trial. Please print for your heme.

    So, as strange as it sounds, " congratulations on your TIA!"

    I believe it has accelerated your treatment and you will will feel tremendously better and most importantly will finally be properly safeguarded against life threatening thrombotic complications.

  • Have I suggested you should read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray? Probably I have but I do not remember.

    Anyway, if not, do read that book. Good also for relatives to understand our condition.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

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