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I am simply feeling very down and discouraged by my health. I am doing all I can do at the moment to care for myself but I am physically exhausted and feeling old. Today I have to be in the car for a 5 hour trip. I am not looking forward to sitting so long. I know it will make me feel worse. All I want to do is lay in bed but I know that is not good for me but sometimes I just don't have the energy or will to get up. Not really sure the point of this post other than to say I am down.

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  • I'm sorry you're feeling so low. I still have many days feeling like that. I've been diagnosed 18 mo nths and had loads of issues and sometimes it's just very overwhelming.

    Don't punish yourself for being low,it's allowed. Try and force yourself to do something enjoyable even if it's just for half and hour.

    I go for a walk when I'm really low and by the time I get back my head is usually clearer or I'm so tired I sleep for an hour!

    The bad days aren't nice but they will pass. Take care x

  • Hi, everybody on here has good and bad times with this, however if fatigue is awful, I do always ask people, have you checked your Thyroid beyond the unreliable TSH test usually done by doctors as routine, as I found like others that doing a barrage of private ones revealed that I had a slow thyroid, also my iron, and B12 and D was all a bit low. Since treating my thyroid and of course giving up gluten I feel so much better. I hope tomorrow brings a new and better day for you. MaryF

  • Hi Toddschik I am in same boat as you! You will have fun on ur trip! Just look at the beauty in nature and smile! Where you going on Holiday? Today my son would have been 35 and all this week I went through the joys of my pregnancy! I was never suppose to have kids and God blessed me with my Jesse for 24 years! At least I had 24 years with him! I'm in wat I call an autoimmune flare and I'm tired too of it all! I just wana be me! We have to accept out lot in life and keep on truckin! Just make sure on ur drive you stop every couple of hours and walk around! We must be careful not to sit too long! Please enjoy ur drive and take in the beauty that surrounds you!!! Prayers and hugs sent ur way!!! GODSPEED!!!

  • Another reason I am dreading the drive besides the sitting too long is it is a trip to take my son for his college orientation. I am not dealing well with him leaving for college. I'm happy for him growing up but sad for him leaving. Thank you for the prayers. I'm sure I will be ok... just needed a bit of encouragement today. I probably need to drink more water today too. I am so bad about drinking enough water.

  • Hi, yes drink plenty of water. Pace yourself, we have a habit of over doing it when we feel ok and then our body rebels.

    Think of your son starting a new chapter (and not an end of). They do come back, holidays will be more rewarding, with quality time.

    Just another adjustment/stage - theres always skype!

    Drive carefully xx

  • I won't forget the moment we moved our daughter to her college. Everything was pretty cool until it was time to say "temporary goodbyes"...and that's when it hit me. I realized it was time for our last young adult to leave the nest. Don't worry you'll get plenty of calls, especially for money :)

    It was hard at first, but you do adapt to the changes.

  • You have done an excellent job of raising an extremely talented son. He was born for you to love and teach him the wonders of life and then let him fly the nest.He will love you more for letting him explore his new world. You will be the one he will work hard for and come home for your praise.

    Take care on your trip and stop often. Any journey kills my legs so stop and walk about and have long talks along the way.

  • ❤️Jesse ❤️jesse❤️jesse❤️jesse

  • Well THAT went in the wrong place! Debb- now you're on a new scavenger hunt- sorry Holly. My oscollopsia is driving me nets. My eyes "jump"- I will think they are fixed... once steady I'm ok, but if I have to move them they have a hard time readjusting sometimes. My replies can tag in incorrect boxes.

    Annoying. Sorry.

  • Thank You Kelly! What do u mean ur son tested positive? Positive for APS? GODSPEED

  • Yep. He sure did. In April.

  • Oh no ant symptoms? Wow I'm so sorry! GODSPEED

  • Yes, mild migraines, POTS, started with ulcerative colitis/ bleeds in kindergarten and he has mild Asperger's diagnosed in third grade. ( quite social and genius level IQ over 145 but he's a bit quirky! Super fun kid. Can't orgazize anything... can't find anything... )

    Dr has him on low dose aspirin and he feels tons better already.

  • Yes water calms the soul! Drink lots of water! I'm bad about water too! Use to drink it constantly! Congratulations on ur sons college achievements and just remember he's only 5 hours away! Your going thru what we call empty nest syndrome! Just think about the Holidays when he comes home and how extra special ul make it for him! You must be very proud! Be well and try to pick urself up! Walking 3 miles a day did me a world of good, but after I lost my leg that changed! Hugs sent ur way! Enjoy ur trip and play some cute car game on the way!!! Lol...

  • Are you married and have a husband to talk to when your only son is gone for college? If you have that is positive. Also that you have not sold your car and can drive. That is very positive. Stop for intervals and do not drive all the way in 5 hours. Eat something or drink water.

    Think of the fact that you have found a new Specialist who you are going to see very soon and no doubt you will feel better when he has done his job.

    If you are too tired you could perhaps take the train home or stay the night at a hotel. 10 hour drive in one day is not to recommend for us with this illness.

    How old are you? I am 73 but sometimes I think I am 20 when I have good days. They exist.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Publishing's my husband is verybsupportive. I am 43. We stayed in a hotel. We are here now and its going ok but its really hitting me how much I will miss him. THANKS for the encouragement.

  • It will get better my son went to college and I experienced what you are feeling. He will probably call more often then you expect. Boys have a exceptional bond with their mom's, you shall see.... take a few deep,breaths and hug that husband of yours!💕💕

  • Awwww. Im sorry

  • Hi Toddzchick

    Nothing wrong with just posting to say how you are feeling. I know people who feel down and discouraged on account of something minor and passing like an ingrowing toe nail. We sure as heck have reason to soetimes feel down with autoimmune conditions.

    As regards long journeys, I know I feel worse if Im sitting for a long time but better if Im lying down or at least have my feet raised. Though not a good idea if you are the one driving of course! I also use to like to listen to audio CDs on long journeys, something like Agatha Christie short stories. Though my hearing is so shot now that listening to audio CDs just seems to rub that fact in.

    Anyways, I hope the journey goes ok.

  • You gave me a little chuckle... driving with your feet up, lol😉

  • I can remember in the 'bad old days' getting out of bed, getting dressed and then going straight back to bed. The fatigue was awful. In the process of getting diagnosed and treated, I spent a good deal of time wondering if life was worth living. Everything took so long and had no energy to do anything but the bare basics.

    I have a walk buddy and we cheer each other on - sometimes it's just a short walk to get a coffee and if we're energetic we walk up to 10km. It's the one thing that helps to keep me energised-I'll walk even when I don't feel like it because I know I'll feel good at the end. Although it's probably the last thing you feel like doing it's worth a try even just around the block. I have a 4 legged treadmill called Gus, who nudges me if we haven't gone out by lunchtime and he's the other motivation for going out. :)

    Life will get better!

  • I have a new puppy named Milo... maybe I need to get in the habit of walking him same time everyday so he will bug me to do it when I skip. Keeping a schedule is so hard with 4 teenagers!

  • Remember to stop every hour and walk for about 15 minutes -you can also flex leg muscles while driving or riding - I travel 83 miles to my specialists hospital and i walk part way up { when i think of it } it good for us to do this

  • we did make stops. i got a terrible migraine on the trip but a nice woman at the fast food stop made an ipecac for me. i made it to the college visit and now we have tue return trip. i feel pretty good today minus being sad about my son going off to college in a month. they must all grow up eventually though.

  • OOPs - feel better -

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