What do you do for fun that isn't dangerous?

Curious to how you all are enjoying yourselves. 10:50 pm, est

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  • Arguing with consultants. There again, I guess that might be dangerous!

  • Study for a degree! I started two years before I got sick and then had to defer. I've taken it back on now so hopefully I will have completed my degree this time next year.

  • Yllek: what are you getting your degree in?

  • Business and computing. I hope to then study further to become a teacher.

  • Read a book "EMF FREEDOM" 3rd Edition Revised by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph. D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph. D. It has an in depth discussion about Electromagnetic Fields and their effects on our bodies including clotting our blood. I was convinced that was my problem until I was teasted for APS. I was a computer science professor surrounded by computers in labs and classrooms for over 35 years. Now I'm living with chronic DVTs. Wi-fi , cell phones, computers, smart Meters, all these Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are affecting those of us who are sensitive. I happen to be sensitive. My husband is like a solid rock and has no sensitivity at all. He doesn't believe in the research.

  • Hi APSinHB,

    Sounds interesting! How do you know if you are sensitive?

    Do you mean if we have all antibodies for HS/APS we are sensitive?


  • I will reply shortly. I have an exercise date with my husband right now. I had serious back surgery in April that I am still recovering from. Exercise is a critical part of my recovery. 😘

  • Kerstin,

    My short answer is through testing. If you are having the same problems as APS and have been tested but the test results are negative then you may be suffering from the effects of electromagnetic fields. Living too close to a cell phone tower or you need to move the placement of the router for your computer in your home. Maybe even move the television if it is mounted on a wall that is adjacent to the bedroom where you sleep and your head is against the same wall. If you have a wireless phone on your night stand that is bad for your body. Smart meters for utilities is another culprit. We don't see the electromagnetic fields and therefore are not proactive to eliminate them from our homes. Three years ago I did not test positive for HS/APS but now I do. What changed? I know for a fact the electromagnetic fields that surround me have changed.


  • Hi and thanks for that interesting answer!

    So you mean that if you test positive to HS/APS you are not sensitive to the electromagnetic fields anymore if you get tested. Sero-negative would still be sensitive to them.

    Have I understood your info correct? Sounds a little weird.


  • No.

    I just wrote you a very detailed response and then lost it. Instead of rewriting it I'm going to give you a website to go to.


    Order their book

    EMF FREEDOM but you want their 3rd edition updated and revised 2016

    They discuss sticky blood on pages 74 & 75

    Headaches on page 70

    You will be amazed at how EMFs parallel Hughes Syndrome.

    You can watch a demo of the effects of EMF on blood causing it to stick together under a microscope.

    So interesting.

  • I'll take a look at that book! Thanks

  • Music festivals & nature photography.

  • That sounds like loads of fun, do you xhibit your photos?

  • Yes it is. No, I don't exhibit. It's just a very relaxing hobby.

  • lots of different ways over the last 17 yrs - open university degree, reading, stitching, going round art galleries and museums, going to the theatre, visiting historic houses and gardens, going to the seaside, countryside, swimming, visiting my sons and daughters in law. Armchair shopping on the net.

    Even taking up knitting for my first grandchild. Knitting is very popular in the UK with all ages. When the smoking ban first came into operation women were taking their knitting to the pub to keep their hands busy and so help the craving for a cigarette.

  • I too like historical houses especially the ones that have wildflower type gardens...ahhh

  • I love the wildflower gardens. Unfortunately the last time I went to our nearby garden they hadn't come out yet, and now I suspect they are past their best. I adore poppies but haven't had any success in growing them.

  • This reminds of another activity I enjoy...armchair travel! Very inexpensive, no danger involved. :)

  • Apparently you can cycle all over the world from your exercise bike too!

  • Card games, play guitar, occasional glass a wine and good times with friends, ride bike 3-24 miles, camping (without ticks), some hiking, walking downtown.

  • Hiking, hiking, hiking and more hiking! ( I live in West Virginia -a beautiful state where " time is old there/older than the trees/younger than the mountains/blowin' like a breeze."

  • I'm such a nerd- I love john Denver and I'm only 48. They are very confused... I think it's because my twin sisters are 19 years older than me and co raised me- so I grew up on " hippie music and culture!" Groovy...

    My children just shake their head...I smile and throw on some Simon and Garfunkle....🙂

  • Good for you!

  • A liking for Johny Cash hit me at the same time as the autoimmune disorders. Not that I'm suggesting a connection.

  • Me too!!!! But then again, I'm southern. Or.... perhaps we are just living in a burning ring of fire...

  • Great, l love big ole beautiful trees!

  • Sounds like you "belong there". :)

  • My genealogy includes some newbies who crossed the pond for the Appalachian Mountains in the 1800s, but the rest of my ancestry goes back to the 1600s – usually in the Appalachians from North Carolina to Maryland. And yes, there is an American Indian in there somewhere. So yes I definitely belong here.

  • Mine goes back to middle 1600's to Tennessee. Small amount of Cherokee.

  • walk - hike , swim , gardening -- bike rides is what i do

  • I responded to this but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace. Bike riding is on my list of " have to try agains" . I have a stationary exercise bike I use when I can't get outside due to weather and such. I haven't tried my bike since before my stroke.... and at that time I had armed it with a contraption to take my dog, Buddy, with me. Buddy got all confused and pulled me down onto the pavement, I got road rash and was quite the mess, poor thing was scarred he hurt me and didn't know what to do. Was going to try it again thereafter but one thing lead to another and time got away from me. Needless to say the Budman won't be coming this time. I walk daily, weather permitting. I swim and have begun diving again.....not in ocean, in pool. Can't get on the diving board because I'm afraid that my balance won't cooperate so I have been diving in from the side of the pool. Gardening use to be a passion of mine. Whole back yard was in flowers, now not so much now as I can't get up from the ground. I do continue to do the mowing of the lawn though as I think it is good exercise and if my hubby mows it he is sneezing for days. I also like barb b Q-ing! Like to read and stay current on things. This is fun I hope many respond. Hope your enjoying the beautiful weather!

  • I haven't changed my life since loosing my leg and diagnosis of APS! I just do what I'm suppose to do to keep well enuf to do the thing I love! I sometimes get thru days by pretending it's not there!!! Lol

  • 🙈🙉🙊

  • I travel in the Caribbean and snorkle.

  • I like this too be wary of the sunburn if you are on plaquinil(hydroxychloroquine) you can get a nasty burn.

  • Really? I'm on plaquinil, live in sun Drenched Texas, and I did not know this...

  • Should have been stated on your pharmacy bottle👀 Be careful

  • I do need to be really careful because of the meds I take anyways. But I am on warfarin. And I am 60 yrs. young, and going snorkling in Hawaii next February. :) I also take pottery classes at our local college. The ones who do the most level pots from the first, are the accounting students. LOL

  • snorkle272 I have a place in the Caribbean, in StMaarten. Have you been there?

  • Yes I have. It is so beautiful there. I loved it.

  • I failed to mention that I enjoy discovering unknown singers/talent on Youtube. I might type a favorite song in and follow that with the word cover. I use music as a place to relax, learn a new song on the guitar. I also listen to music when I'm doing improvements, cleaning or working around the house as well as pain deflection.

    Sample cover song:

  • How do u go about finding these, interesting?

  • Go to Youtube, pick a song, type it in followed by the word "cover".

  • Very nice Thank You H C

  • Hi!

    I am interested in hearing what folks are doing for fun that doesn't pose a risk. I've had to eliminate some of my fun activities which has been quite the process for me. I have added new activities which are fun such as: walks in nature (not crazy hikes) photographing birds, trees, flowers, skies anything and everything.

    Yoga class, and gentle dance, bike riding (not downhill) on safe pathways, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. I try to be outside a lot so even reading a good book in the park, or by the water, or listening to an interesting pod cast. Including friends/family (supportive peer group) in some of my activities is helpful.

    Best of luck!

  • Today the lime-tree is in flowers here in Stockholm. The scent is marvellous! Love it!


  • This was a great question with lots of fun responses. I take yoga, Pilates, aerobics and a Line Dancing class. Enjoy any outdoor concerts in the parks.

  • I know it has been fun

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