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Would just like to know if anyone could enlighten me on the following-

I have been suffering severe pain , it started in the back of head, then my lower back at least three months ago

it then went to upper back and all limbs, my arms would be "locked" when I had been in bed overnight, I have to sleep on my back as it is painful any other way.

I get severe sharp nerve like pain in my upper arms, which is very unpleasant.

I have Lupus, Hughes Syndrome, fibromyalgia +

this is wearing me down and I would appreciate any advice

Thank you

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You need to go to a Hughes Specialist if you have one or if not get referred to one. Pains can be caused by a number of things. I recently found I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which was causing my dead arms and pins and needles. I thought it was my neck! You could also have a mineral deficiency or be low in Thyroid, VitD, B12 or Ferritin.

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You need detailed tests with the right specialist, who should really examine your vitamin D, B12, Iron and your Thyroid, unfortunately thyroid testing is poor, with over reliance on the TSH test. I did very detailed testing on my Thyroid via the recommendations on Thyroid UK which showed I had a slow Thyroid and NOT Fibromyalgia. MaryF

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