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Phantom Smells Back/Phantomsmia plus update!

I'll try to make this short n sweet! I woke up smelling oil, went to my basement and it got worse, saw oil leak by my oil burner! Yay I say I don't have that Neurological Glitch bak! At 2AM THE oil man comes! I go out and smell oil everywhere!!! Lol... Accept this Tim I'm not going in to stores saying I smell gas and having people running away!!! Lol... I've had to give my 6 Surgery Stomach a rest from Shots! 2 days in a row I was bleeding from my shots w/o knowing it till 12 hrs later when my friend saw trail of blood drops! Oh dear I say it's my poor Cat Rascal with 7 toes!!! No it's Me The Stupid one!!! Lol... I call my doc and he says to give shot on inner thighs! Wow now that hurts! I know and recall APSnot so Fab's pist on how to give shot! I've been busy lately with my Dear Husband who was diagnose with Agressive, but treatable bladder cancer! Only treated by UROLOGIST whom after I was told by Snobby Garden City, Long Island workers that the Good Doc is on vacation for 3 weeks and can't have consultation till Feb 5th! My sissy Lynn and I get into action and I get Stan an appt with Sloan Kettering NYC in five day! In fortunately for hubby he ended up in Hospital with UTI, but tuk him to Sloan on Wednesday with the Help of Lynns retired Hubby!!! They operated on him last Wednesday on both bladder and prostrate! We will know about prostrate this Wednesday! He starts Chemotherapy in about 10 days to 2 weeks depending on the healing process! They'll give 6 treatments of CHEMO straight to the bladder! GODSPEED to Y'all

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Sorry Lynn, I wrote Pist for your Post! Lol... I no ur post is not pist! So sorry my typo!!!


Hi there, keep going, you are doing well with bells on as usual. MaryF


Debbie you are soooo funny! Hope all goes well with your hubby. x


Awe thx Lynn! I try to keep upbeat no matter what! We have to! GODSPEED!!!

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