Itchy skin update

Thank you all for your caring responses! I'm 3000 miles away from home on Holiday! Had a ball in spite of some kind of Liver problem! I spoke to my doctor in Ny and he told me to look at the whites of my eyes to c if yellow! Of course I couldn't see wen he told me but looked afterwards and yes they r yellow! He wanted me to go to ER, but I won't do that out of state! I have an appointment Friday with him! It's obviously my liver, but I've been telling my Hemotologist for over a year about my itching and turns a deaf ear! Now the itching become unbearable, brown urine, right sided tummy pain! I usually catch everything b4 my doctors do, but not this time! Even the brown urine I let go! Maybe cuz I'm tired of all of it and wud love to let God just take over and stop all these crazy meds that my body is too sensitive to! I'm usually positive in nature, but enough already! What cud it be? I've read that APS and liver disorders go together, like PBC and one Mary mentioned! Both being auto immune diseases! I shall keep in touch and thank you all for helping me to be strong! I need it because now I'm scared! I'm not scared of going to God, it how you go that scares me!!! Peace, Love & Happiness on this Holiday Season and Always!!! GODSPEED

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  • I completely understand how you feel. I just want the pain to stop. All last weekend I was mostly in bed because of dizziness. I also have brown urine. I just wish they could tell me what's wrong. Good luck to you.

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