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PE with no treatment

Im wondering if I am the only person who had a major PE, 2/3 rds of my right lung is now blocked off and unusable, that didn't go to the ER or c a dr.? Its not that it didn't hurt, it hurt like heck for about 2 months, it restricted my breathing and movement it was a turly sucky time to be me. But I had no insurance and it being a PE never crossed my mind. I had bad allergies and coughed day a night from post nasal drip so I just figured I had really angered my lung and the surrounding muscle and tissue from coughen possible in the wrong position. I even though I might have cracked a rib or two but those heal on there own. I did not miss any work at either of my to jobs as I had two young daughters to feed. I have a high pain tolerance but didn't think it to be anything major. So my body closed of the 2/3rds of my right lung, no air in no air out. It kust sits there being useless. Its like my body can't decide if it wants to kill me or keep me around :).(that odd sense of humor I have). Anyway I know I should have died, heck there's been a few times I should have died, but to the amazement of my drs im still here kickn an screaming. So anyone else out there who didn't go to the ER or at least a Dr.? Or am I just the idiot who didn't have the time of money to worry about breathing.

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Well by the lack of reply to my post on untreated PE. I am going to have ro assume that im the only one. That is probably a good thing. Lol


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