Small vessel disease

Hi have any of you been told you have small vessel disease secondary to APS I have been diagnosed twenty years and more have had five Pes two strokes and countless tias. everything I end up in hospital with a Tia they don't even bother to scan me now as the treatment wouldn't change. I'm on clexane twice daily, and on my discharge letter it says small vessel disease secondary to APS. I'm getting worried as they seem to be putting everything down to APS without really investigating whether it is or not. the other concern is that the only person managing my problems is my gp and although he is great shouldn't I be seeing a specialist I don't even know if there is one in Cumbria I've tried to find out on this site and even asked a question but it didn't seem to be taken up don't know why.

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  • margaretjo Im posting the list up now!

  • Thank you

  • You should also be under the Care of a hemotoligist specializing in APS if possible. But u do need a hemotoligist and sounds like you also need a cardiologist. Keep looking. Take care.

  • I have small vessel disease and was told it was caused by APS.

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