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Confirmation bloods

Im due my confirmation bloods to be done wednesday for the aps i was borderline when tested 3 months ago have been on asprin daily since but thought if im on asprin surely it would hide the main factors of aps when testing so 7 days ago i stopped my asprin just till wednesday as may give a true blood result im still trying to concieve with no luck since mc in may but well fingers crossed i get a definate answer ive had leg pain and sweats at night got sent to physio last week by my gp he told them i may have pelvic inflamatry disease which was ruled out he also told them i have three slipped discs in lower spine turns out its just my hip is slightly displaced and my tendons have shortened still the pain is there only when laying down or sitting down i dont have a specialist as i was only borderline on my last test my gp is pretty unaware of the aps .... ?

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Hi, If you talk of the three bloodtests we do for APS they do not interfere with Aspirin or Warfarin. It could be Lupus Anticoagulant and Warfarin but you do not take Warfarin.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


I was only tested due to having type 1 diabetis for 38 years and recently having four misscarriages after 5 healthy live births .... confirmation cause of mc is aps i have to stay on asprin till i recieve a positive pregnancy test then be placed on heparin for duration of pregnancy then warfarin once the baby is born im 39 now suffer with severe leg and arm pains my muscle movements have become tighter over the last four years too im told im not to take anti inflamatry meds due to my levels which yet none of my doctors will tell me exactly what they are i just believe if you take a medicine to help a condition a true answer is never seen if you hand a pure sample over the full truth is exposed just hope it dont cause me much harm ..... my last live birth i suffered a blood clot at 24 weekswhen i took a four and half hour flight i had injections daily till the baby was born ten weeks early (very healthy i may add) and then nothing since then the last year and six months ive lost 4 pregnancies but told i can go through a good one now we know the cause


Hi your history is very strong with all this, and it is crucial that they check your Thyroid also, as well as the obvious B12, D and iron. The Aspirin will not be effecting the outcome of test results. If your pains in limbs worsen you must go to hospital, you will have to be vigilant, and do write out your medical history in bullet points so make sure that this stands out at appointments, and to prompt you should you forget anything. Also do a short family tree of other relations with any such histories or autoimmune diseases/and or clots etc. MaryF

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