2016 Flu Vaccine For Hughes Syndrome Patients In The UK

2016 Flu Vaccine For Hughes Syndrome Patients In The UK

As I had my Flu jab yesterday it reminded me to put up this post for all our members in the UK.

The flu vaccine is now available at your GP practice in the UK. As Hughes Syndrome/APS is a long-term condition, the majority of GPs advise that we have the vaccine. If you do chose to have the flu jab, most Hughes patients do not have any adverse reactions and it is considered safe and effective. However, if you are taking warfarin, it is important to monitor your INR a day or two afterwards as the INR can increase slightly.

For more information please read: bit.ly/2cDTTAA

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  • For myself it is a no no and always has been, but I know others are fine with it. MaryF

  • Well your just special!

  • Thank you I've avoided the flu jab since going on warfarin because I was so unsure of what will happen. This is reassuring.


  • Same here I take vitamin c+zinc it made me I'll because they combine it with the swine flu now.

  • Thank you for the reminder!

  • Had mine last week, no ill effects whatsoever.

  • I had no real effects, just a swollen achey arm which I get every year and felt very very mildly flushed the day after for a few hours and slightly off. Nothing that a paracetamol didn't fix. Actually my husband reported feeling exactly the same and he doesnt have APS!

    I really would recommend people have it unless there is a strong medical reason not to.

  • Hi just had mine warfrain dipped down ..only think can explain it is FLU JAB ..😕

  • Thank you I was unaware it can effect 'my INR, kudos for informing me!

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