Understanding and Diagnosing Venus Thromboembolism

Understanding and Diagnosing Venus Thromboembolism

Here is a informative and easy to understand video about how to diagnose if you have a DVT or PE.

UK members please substitute any references to call 911 for our emergency services at 999

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  • Very useful, with regard to a recent happening in my family! MaryF

  • Very intersting x

  • Very informative. Been there with DVT, This could save someone's life. Thank you. 'M'

  • Thank you! Very good!

    I wish you could put it up somewhere so we will not loose it. Under Topics or pinned posts ..... you know best where.


  • Your wish is my command! Its under Pinned Posts.

  • I dream of Jeannie - { with the light blonde hair } MAYBE !! HA HA Thank You Princess

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