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My first APS visit in Oct to london any TIP'S? 😕

Some doc's not impressed but you going giving me letter's so done my own file sent them over with blood test's ..with help from gp ...waiting on hosp for file asked haemo team ..but my GP to do it also just in case they don't send anything he agreed ..why doc's don't want me going unbelievable easier for them also 😠so travelling from iteland to uk..any TIP'S what else to bring ..bringing lupus blood test's and APL'S ..also glad sent files of bit's had so give him head's up I right ...???

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Hi take any recent blood tests, or old ones, list your medical history in bullet points, also your symptoms in bullet points, and your family tree of ailments in bullet points, make sure they do your Iron, B12, D and a thyroid panel as well as any other relevant Hughes Syndrome/APS tests. Good luck. MaryF

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