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Update on blue stump!!! Lol... Sounds funny!!!

Went to doc yesterday all is good! Leg not fitting correctly and in fight of my life now with insurance company! They're getting rid of me after 25 years and trying to drag out me NOT getting new prosthetic leg till December, but they're dealing with a StubbyBull who refuses the word No in her language! I threatened them last time for breaking the law and was asked by Prosthetic People to help them again! No Problem I'm on it today!!! I'm becoming injured with this leg now and unbalanced and tri everyday all day!!! I don't wana fall and break a hip! Still sweating and going to start Plaquinil soon ! I'm awing cuz I don't wana take this Plaquinil! I WANT Zentiva brand only so waiting till I'm due again! Thx for ur input! Godspeed

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I'm sorry you having such a rough go of it. But it sounds like you are a strong person and after dealing with all that you have, your very uppity up and that's a great thing. xx


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