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Rivaroxaban & APS: The Long Awaited RAPS Study is Published At Last!

Rivaroxaban & APS: The Long Awaited RAPS Study is Published At Last!

Finally, the above RAPS trial has been published and is here below in full for you to read. Just a reminder this is for APS patients that have had a previous venus clot and who have an INR 2-3 only.

This oral anticoagulant is not suitable for anyone who has had a Stroke or needs an INR 3-4 or more.

There is (or will be) a trial for those patients in the above category, so they will have to wait longer Im afraid.

This means for the first time in many years there is now an alternative oral anticoagulant to offer some Hughes patients. If you feel this may be something that you would like to try, then perhaps take a copy of this study to your Doctor and discuss if it might be suitable for you.


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Thanks for putting this on, I had a good read earlier. MaryF


Thanks for posting. It's good news for me since I've been taking it since May. I also take it with Plavix.

It seems to me that we all have APS antibodies (or not), but we are all so different. I have a secondary antibody, borderline LA, and no blood clots (although likely microclots considering how much better my breathing has been since I've been taking these).

It seems daunting to do studies considering the variability. Anyway, I'm glad that others who are not happy with Warfarin maybe able to take Rivaroxaban. I know I have been pleased with it. No side effects that I have noticed and a lot easier to take than Warfarin (or that is the impression I get when I read all of your posts).

Thanks again for posting this, although I'll need more time and concentration to get through it more thoroughly.


I received the link from the charity this morning - I will print it out and give to my Haem and Rheumy for my follow up next week. Happy with what I've read so far as far as risk and benefits go-even though I don't quite fit in the INR category. (can't actually remember what my target was now!) I'm happy with Rivaroxaban for its ease of taking - no measuring or stabbing required for bloods.


Thank you I will be taking a print out to my gp too see if I am suitable. Like others can't remember my inr just remember was erratic. Have had no problems on riveroxoban. But I know my gp likes to read up on everything he can. So thanks again x


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