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Are You A Twitterer?

Are You A Twitterer?

If you are, or even if you are not but might like to start, you may be interested to know that a very quick and easy way of reaching our twitter feed, is to just go to the Home page, and then click on the large Sticky Blood - Hughes Syndrome Badge on the right side of the page (aim for the two large sticky clots), and you will be taken straight there.

If you are not already following us, please do, you will be most welcome.

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I'm already following :-)


Lynn and I are both doing this, my account has a similar name, so feel free to follow both of us, as we share and promote tweets out there: MaryFB StickyBlood Hughes Syndrome



I'm following ya :-)

You've got two accounts Mary?!

Think I'm following the right Lynn!



Tried to set up a twitter account BUT it won't let me because i don't TEXT and have a block on my cell phone .. BUT i tried :-)

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