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How do you know if you are being anti-coagulated efficiently ?

I have Aps diagnosed by Prof Hughes himself but it was not he that medicated me.

My reumatologist prescribed clopidogrel but I am finding the need to take an aspirin as well at times just to help clear this awful fuzzy head. This procedure was agreed with by the specialist nurse at the hospital.

I cant help wondering if my medication needs changing as I am finding it hard to get through my day.

Should they be testing my blood when I go to the hospital to see if it is thin enough ?


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Hi yes to testing your blood to see what is going on, also your B12, D and Iron, and also your Thyroid beyond the unreliable TSH test, I am afraid like others you will need to perhaps think of doing a private panel of blood tests in order to see what is going on, this is what happened with me and I was found to be severely hypo thyroid, where as in standard NHS clinics it looked as if I was border line. MaryF


Hi Mary,

Dont talk to me about boarder line, I went years supposedly boarder line it was St Marys Hospital in London that eventually diagnosed me. That was many years ago.

Its the Aps that is bothering me because last time I went to see my rheumy they didn't take any bloods !

Where and how would I get a private panel of bloods done ?


You can ask them to re do your bloods, at the clinic, ring them if you are feeling that unwell, the private tests I was referring to were for Thyroid testing, if you wish to do them private message me and I will send you details. I know these things are complicated, I rarely show up in tests but thankfully have passed a couple of them more than once, but of course I also make sure my D, B12, and Iron is up to scratch, avoid eating gluten and regularly check my thyroid, as I have so many conditions alongside this one. MaryF


Glad u wrote a post my friend! You get lots of help on here!!! Good luck!


Hi, don't wish to alarm you but you're not anticoagulated. The medicines you take are antiplatets, which are antithrombotic but may not be sufficient for APS sufferers. Follow the advise of the other posts above, BW


I take both clopidogrel and aspirin as that is what keeps my headaches away! I have not had an event. My rheumy blood tests me every time I see her and keeps a close eye on things. I have recently had a head mri to see if there was evidence of stroke new or old....there was not so we both feel I do not need to go onto warfarin. I was diagnosed in france where my tests were always positive....since I have been back in the UK they have always been negative!!!!!


I was put on Clopodogrel until they put me on warfarin Memory loss!! Who knows what causes it mines not to bad well I don't think so 😊 even if I do wonder what I've walked into a room for or looking in the fridge for what!!


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