Has anyone applied for a social care assessment?

Just wondering what to expect really, I've just completed the form online.

I'm not looking for a handout or anything for free, have paid for and installed all the mobility aids I think I need but maybe I've missed something. I'm also fed up with my needs not being recognised and I guess I want some support and recognition of the issues I face. Twice in a week I've been told I'm lucky to have fully recovered from my strokes except I haven't I just hide it well, I refuse to play the disability card. The issues I have with my APS, Polycytheamia, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding and now whatever is going on with my knee are dismissed as trivial by everyone except my GP. Yeah so trivial I've gone from being fit and able to being a wheelchair user, the last straw was the divorce court today refusing to accept what my GP had written about my health, they concluded I have no issues that require any assistance whatsoever, even though without my son I wouldn't have been able to get there. I'll appeal that's not the issue, the issue is I'm sick of being trivialised and made out to be a liar, it's not acceptable.

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  • When you say you have applied for social care assessment, do you mean from your local Occupational Health at your council? I do understand what you are going through as I had to go through similar when I had my stroke and it depends on the area in which you live how good they are. Where I lived at the time were awful, I had just come out of hospital, could hardly see and could not walk, had to wait 5 days for anyone to visit and when they did I was handed a piece of paper to fill out which said "Do you feel unwell"!!! They then spent another 2 weeks arguing about the merits of buying me a bath chair that cost £25 and in the mean time I couldn't get in or out of the bath, so my husband just went out and bought what I needed. We then moved and was in another area and that OH was brilliant and could not do enough!

    So please do not think that your needs are trivial, they are not and they obviously matter to you. You don't need a GP referral either to get an assessment.

    As far as the court today, well all I can say is what did you expect, sorry to sound harsh but the other side are there to diminish their costs to you so you will need to prove what you are saying, it does not mean what they said is the truth. The OH should be able to help with that and if you are granted the needs that you have asked for can even write a report for you as can your GP which can be used at your appeal. I also suggest taking photos of the equipment you use too as they cant argue with hard evidence. Get as many statements from as many specialists as you can muster up too.

    And in the meantime if you need some support and somewhere to air your feelings you know you can come here for that support. Things will get better Im sure. x

  • Yes it is with the local council, when I left hospital i got no help at all, and I've never been visited at home. I've just bought what I thought I needed and got on with it, I'm not expecting financial help. I guess I want a report to back up what I say I need in the way of help, I'll get the help myself.

    My Gp has written 3 supporting letters to the court, and he describes my needs very well. The thing is today was the judgement, my ex naffed off when I eventually got my official diagnosis but not content with that, he wants half the house that I bought and paid for long before I knew him. They've basically said I'm ordered to sell before xmas and he is to have £145,000 from the proceeds to buy a 2 bed flat with a mortgage, I get a 1 bed flat mortgage free but would have to move out of area and live alone. My son and his GF currently live with me and help with housework etc. The judge decided I don't need any help and can live alone. Bizarre decision as I can no longer drive and my son pushes me about in a wheelchair when we go out, hospital appointments etc. Apparently he can travel from wherever he ends up if I need help or I can pay for help but he doesn't believe I will because I have no need. Not sure how I'm expected to get anywhere tbh, Perhaps he thinks I can live in a cupboard or something.

    I'm going to appeal, more expense, but I really can't see how I can physically manage a move, my GP has said it should be avoided if possible and would have a detrimental affect on my health, the judge wasn't remotely bothered. Basically said oh dear, never mind, misogynistic old git.

    They asked what aids I had, I told them and got called a liar, and I didn't exaggerate either.

  • I agree with what is being said here, it is very stressful being ill and being treated as if nothing is wrong.. MaryF

  • thanks Mary I think the last straw with having it described as a trivial illness when clearly it isn't.

  • Hi. I started with ill health after infection from csection caused me to have to be resuscitated from which I never recovered and then I was diagnosed with lupus and Addison's disease fibromyalgia and that's just the start. I get the don't you look well on a regular basis and same as you hide it well. The thing is with courts they see you hiding how you are looking in from of them and don't bother looking any further. I had an assessment and the or was lovely storted out lots of equipment like slide for the bed and a soft stool for my feet when on the loo and bath seat. Unfortunately I got worse and she had to organise a move to an adapted house with lift and wetroom etc (we live in council housing). I don't know your age but could you go on the list for an adapted bungalow?

  • I'm 61 owner occupier of a 4 bed house,My youngest son and his GF live with me and take care of the housework etc. I'm not going to be forced out of my home I'll find a way to pay the parasite off. I could sell up and buy a bungalow but don't want to move, certainly not yet, will have to wait for a break in symptoms I think. Currently I can only walk about 20 steps, can't bend, can't stand for more than about 5 minutes. I just don't see the point of asking for a Doctors letter/report and then ignoring it. I'm sure they said it had no provenance, what? It's on headed notepaper and signed by the Doctor but I'm sure they were implying I wrote it myself. I could no doubt do with a wet room but haven't done anything about it in case the outcome went his way, which it has, so far. I probably need a raised loo seat in the downstairs loo because I can't bend my knee and so, well all I can say it's a good job I have a tiled floor. I've already got a bath seat and a step stool to get in the bath, numerous grab rails. I keep putting things off thinking I'll be better soon and I'm actually getting worse. Apparently I can live a normal life with treatment hmmm guess that depends on your interpretation of normal. It can't hurt to have some knowledgeable input. I think my knee op although it seems on the surface to have healed, the surgeon said it's still highly inflamed so I need to take anti inflammatories, but don't think I can. I'll have a chat with my GP when he's back from holiday. Sometimes Warfarin is more trouble than it's worth.

  • Well the Council have just phoned me asked some questions about my needs and what they could possibly offer me, they are forwarding it on to the occupational therapy team who will contact me and arrange a home visit to see how they can help.

  • Perhaps this is the one time when you really do have to pay the disability card. Do you get any benefits like PIP or ESA? If you do, then it is time to add it in as the judge would have to heed that. (We all know how stringent DWP is)

    If you don't have a Blue Badge, then perhaps now is the time to apply for one. Also get a RADAR key for use in the public disabled toilets. Just google RADAR key and apply. It doesn't matter if you think you will never use it, it's having one that will count.

    I know it must feel like you are going against the grain by admitting you have disabilities, but really this is no time for pride, there is too much at stake.

    It will all add weight to your case.

    Good luck on your appeal.

  • I do get standard rate of pip for both mobility and daily living, I think if I applied again now I'd get enhanced Mobility as I haven't been able to walk or drive for about 4 months now but I was awaiting the outcome of whatever is going on with my knee.

    I do have a blue badge and showed it in court. Showed my Pip assessment and GP's letter too.

    I don't get ESA as although I had enough points to claim, neither route is open to me, my income is too high for the means testing route and I last worked in 2004 so no contributions within the last 3 years. The Judge ignored my Pip assessment, my blue badge and my GP's letter.

    They claimed I didn't have any aids in the home when I have but how would they know, he left nearly 2 years ago and he's lied about everything anyway. I have someone coming from the home care team at the council on Monday afternoon.

    I think I'll have to find the money from somewhere to appeal as I don't think it could get any worse.

  • Hi,

    I can't understand why people professional or not, can't see that your health issues are not a care problem.

    I have found that different areas different point of views & different laws, all have their own priorities. (If that makes sense). Luckily where I am, my housing, and the hospital that I'm under have been very helpful and have given me the help I have needed.

    I wish you good luck and hope someone can help you on this site.

    Kind regards


  • Well I had my care assessment today, she was lovely actually and has ordered a few aids for me and arranged fitting too although she did say she thought I'd thought of most things and provided them myself. She commented that it was lovely that my son was helping me and I was the only person she'd seen today who had any support from family.She's going to keep my case open and revisit in the future as she's concerned about the the time my knee is taking to recover and if it doesn't improve then my bathroom will need modifications rather than aids (whatever that means) but we'll see what happens. I think it was worthwhile anyway.

  • Hi Dobidogz,

    I'm so glad it went so well. I had mine done the end of May, then received a letter saying he will be back on the 5th of June, and then I should hear fairly quickly after. I've not heard nothing, (now I said it I probably will). But Fingers cross I will be ok, I need carers etc. , I've just heard that Jeremy Corbyn is cutting the disabled benefit in my part of London. I may live in a rich part of London, but I'm not rich, I was just lucky getting a disabled apartment, (they don't call it a flat around here) lol. Where all the same wherever your from. So why do they pick on the worse off? I'm just praying because if they cut my disability, I don't know what I will do. I think that it would definitely be the end.

    Again I'm so pleased for you, you don't here good news these days.


  • She filled in the order form while she was there and luckily having my son here means I don't need carers. She even gave my Son a form to fill in for carers allowance and I said he earns too much but she said this isn't a benefit it's a payment from the council and it's not means tested. I had no clue these things even existed and no one has ever mentioned them.

    It's all such a lottery whether you get the help you need. It's not something you think about until you have to but I feel stupid for being so ignorant but I've never had to deal with elderly parents so I've been oblivious.

  • I never knew nothing until someone came round from the council, and by then I had already been in hospital for 7mths, had an operation on my back, climbing up the walls in pain, then when the man from the disability rights came a long, a good 5yrs later, they told me what I was in titled to. I'm not the one to get what I can, and I'm sure I've not got all, but these days be grateful for what you get because people can get to greedy. And knowing my luck, if I did something now, they would probably cut my disability now.

    Keep well



  • Well thank heavens for the man from disability rights x

    It's not fair that you have to worry about losing one benefit if you apply for another is it?

    Let's hope Jeremy has a rethink.

  • Well that was quick, they're coming to install the extra aids around the house on Thursday morning.

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