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Looking for specialist on seronegative in scotland

Hi all. I am new to the group. Looking for help please. since my early 20s (im now 48) i've had symptoms of paralysis down right side (temp) balance issues, dizziness, slurred speech, memory problems headaches etc etc. Doctor has been great but it was only late last year that i had a really bad attack and when i really described it to my doctor (instead of just passing it off as my tizzy)he thought of Hughes syndrome. He then put me on clopidogrel straight away and things improved. Got blood tests that were a bit odd and then went to Rheumatology at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Things didn't go well with the doctor there as she was disinterested as running over an hour late, computer wasn't working and then was reading someone else notes. Anyway long and short of it was "blood results dont show Hughes symdrome". Asked for second opinion which was a waste of time. Attitude of this doctor was the same, no further blood tests taken , however she did say to keep taking my clopidogrel as they helped. Find this strange since she said i dont have Hughes syndrome?

Sorry to rant on, what I'm looking for is a specialist in Scotland who is familiar with seronegative results but takes into account all of the other symptoms. I am desperate to find out what is wrong with me and am willing to pay privately. Can anyone recommend anyone?

many thanks

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Hello there! Welcome! Firstly it is great you have a GP, stick with them, results can come and go, and over time testing will get better. The list of specialists is below, and do draw up your family history any relatives with autoimmune disease including Thyroid, also early heart attacks or strokes or multiple miscarriages etc, and also your own history in bullet points. I do suggest that you attend any future consultant patients with an advocate of your choosing, this could be your most articulate friend, relative, neighbour or colleague.

Test results come and go, with myself it took years but they did eventually show up. MaryF

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