From Monday... I may be a little less available!

This is only for one week, but when I am able to answer your posts or engage I will be up to my waist in mud and answering you from Glastonbury Festival!


I will be back in one week......

So I have not gone away.... this is just a temporary and typical annual event for me.


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  • Have a great time!

  • Thank you. MaryFx

  • Yes it is like that at times.... MaryF

  • People say mud it is good for beauty but do not remain there as we need you here.

    Remember I have only seen you with that lilac hair.

    Have a nice week!


  • Of course I will be back, I have sent you a message xxxx MaryF

  • Enjoy glastonbury - I'm very jealous!! Have great time X

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Enjoy! Will your name be MUDLARK when you come back? 😀 Seriously though, have a great time. 'M'

  • Probably, I am a veteran of this festival, and usually camp in rather a nice place and survive the mud in a caravan. MaryF

  • Enjoy, and hope that the mud predictions are not realised.

  • So far they are.... ha ha:


  • Oh Dear! I hope you have waders rather than wellies!

  • Sink or swim I guess! Seriously though Mary, I hope it clears up and you have a fabulous time. 🍀

  • Have a fantastic time, i believe mud pies are delicious so my grandaughter tells me (shes 2), i havent tried them though as they arent my cup of tea lol!

  • Wow how adventurous.enjoy mud n all

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