When did u stop Aspirin?

Dear everyone,

I have been on aspirin 75 mg since beginning of this pregnancy due to history recurrent miscarriages. I have one borderline LA positive in second trimester in this pregnancy but repeat at 4 weeks and 12 weeks were both negative so I was not started on heparin. I am now scheduled for elective section at 37.5 weeks. Now re stopping aspirin, I have received two different plans, one to stop just 2 days before the section (coming from hematologist) and other 5 days before section (coming from obstetrician who would be performing the section). Would be grateful if you could share when u stopped aspirin before ur delivery..many thanks xx

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  • Hey Bravogirl, was just thinking about you this week and wondering how you're getting on! I met my consultant on Monday when I was 35w3d and asked her this question. The haematologist had said stop at week 36, assuming I was going to be induced at 38 weeks but when I saw the obstetrician, she said to stop as of Monday because I'll be induced sooner, sometime in week 37. The anaesthetists don't like aspirin in your system if you're getting an epidural.

  • I should say that I'm on heparin until the day before I deliver, so maybe this is why I had to come off the aspirin earlier, I don't know.

  • Hi, you will get some good replies on here which will give you an idea, but please do discuss it with your main consultant, ring up and fine tune as it will put your mind at rest. I was not on Aspirin during my pregnancies, only afterwards, and during I was on Fragmin. MaryF

  • Tlove, so lovely to hear from you! Was thinking of you too and was hoping to hv a response to my post from u! I have sent u a pm, check that out honey :) xx

  • I was told aspirin stays in your system up to 10-14 days while fragmin is only 24-48 hours.

    I was told to stop two weeks before induced at 38 weeks.

    As Mary said ring to make sure.

    Good luck xx

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