This Affects Us All IF We Use The NHS So Please Sign This Petition If You Live In The UK

Can you help close the loophole that lets rogue drugs companies sell everyday medicines to our NHS for extortionate prices? If you can click on this link and sign this petition to Jeremy Hunt, he could stop this from happening. Thank you.

8 Replies

  • Wish I could but I'm in USA. Sympathize with what going on there. We have our own crooks here too

  • Hiya. I've signed and shared onto Facebook. Something needs to be done. x

  • All done-thank you for keeping us in the loop

  • wish I could help my friend :-(

  • L can I sign it and just put Portsmouth or Manchester -- ?????

    I don't think Penacook will quite cut it ?? :-)

  • I don't think so! But thanks anyway x

  • anything for my across the puddle . anytime my friends

  • Signed when you first put it on. MaryFx

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