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Patients' Day - 18th. May

I am very keen to go to the Patients' Day next week and seek some help. I can get to St. Thomas' Hospital under my own steam but if;

1. Anyone who is travelling up the A303 near Gillingham, Dorset who would be willing to pick me and my wheelchair up this would be very much appreciated.

2. If not will anyone be travelling by train on the Exeter to Waterloo Line? We could meet on  the way and exchange notes or just idle gossip? I will be getting on at Gillingham, probably 10:51.

3. Now here is one for the administrators. I remember from my last Patients' Day about three years ago when I had two legs that the only lift to take me to the hall was a rather small service lift. As I now have the mobility of a Dalek can I get my electric scooter to the venue? It is 1080 mm long by 480 high. I would hate to travel all the way from Darkest Dorset by train only to be thwarted at the end of my adventure by being stuck in the entrance hall!

Looking forward to a million replies.


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Assuming someone picked you up and your wheelchair then I think the lift would be ok to get you upstairs. From memory it is small and I doubt that a scooter will get in it. Im sure that you could leave it downstairs and a hospital wheelchair could be arranged to get you around upstairs if that was the case. 

I suggest to get in touch with Kate at the HSF charity and ask her these questions as  they are the ones managing the day.

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Hi there, I am sure either KateH will answer you on here or you will write her  on this email:  Kate Hindle 

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Hi Billy Bean

Yes, the HSF charity organises the Patients' Day, the volunteer admins are busy here with the online forum :) 

Mmm - I'm not sure about your electric scooter. You can certainly get through Tommies and into Governors' Hall as we could open both doors, but I'm not sure about the service lift.

I will ask GSTT hospitality and give them the dimensions and let you know. 

Hope to see you there,



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