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Do you remember my pain in my right knee?

I woke up in agony in the middle of the night on the 10th November clutching my knee, it was agony but most things fix themselves in my experience. So I gave it a fortnight and as there was no sign of any improvement I toddled of to the GP who said give it another fortnight and if it's no better we'll investigate further. He thought I'd tweaked my medial collateral ligament but I have a high pain threshold and a tendency to grit my teeth and get on with it. I had an appointment with a Rheumatologist about my Aps but he was only interested in my knee and sent me for x rays and blood tests. He believed it was Arthritis, I was sceptical because Arthritis doesn't generally come on suddenly and so severely but I had the x rays taken which showed a perfect pair of knees when the results eventually arrived a month later. So then I was referred for an ultrasound with an appointment for a month ago. The results are still not back and I've really been struggling with the pain and my inability to walk further than to the kettle or downstairs loo. In the meantime I bought myself a knee brace which seemed to help a lot but made my kneecap quite painful. Anyway the pain was not improving and the mobility of my knee was deteriorating and tbh I was becoming a cripple. Unable to walk further than a few yards, unable to drive because flexing the foot was agony. It was so bad I even investigated hiring an electric wheelchair. I was so frustrated by the lack of action from the Nhs I decided to investigate the cost of a private MRI and was quite pleasantly surprised tbh, not only was it affordable they'd do it within two days. I needed a gp referral which should have been a simple formality, yeah right, I printed off the form completed all the bits I could and took it to the surgery for them to sign and rubber stamp, asked them to fill in the clinical details. Eventually got it back after 4 days with no clinical details completed, faxed it to the clinic who rang me back within hours with an appointment for 9am the following day. I had the Mri done and they guaranteed the report would be with my Gp within 48 hours. My Gp was on holiday so waited till he was back as talking to the others is pointless. Couldn't get an appointment to see him but they said he'd call me. He rang just after 8am this morning with the results, I do have a torn ligament, in fact I have several, his words were tbh your knee is a mess and you need surgery to reattach the ligaments and try to sort out everything that's going on in there. I'm being referred to a nearby hospital rather than the local one which still doesn't have the ultrasound results with a request they see me urgently. He was a bit shocked I'd paid for my MRI but I needed to know what was up with my knee and the NHS would still be faffing about come Christmas. This whole time, now 18 weeks or so I've had no treatment and no painkillers due to the way I react to medication, so surgery will be fun no doubt but at least hopefully the end is in sight at last.

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The lengths we have to go to in this day and age is awful at times. I am glad you had the MRI, I wish you all the best with the mending of your poorly knee. MaryF


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