I have a perfect pair of Knees, so why is one of them agony?

The tens was wonderful initially but my skin became quite sensitive to the use of it for long periods so I resorted to wearing a knee brace as the pain was no better on weight bearing etc. I find the knee brace quite painful tbh but I can at least stand on my leg, even if getting into a standing position is really difficult with the brace on.

I had x rays taken on 28th December as the Rheumatologist insisted the pain was caused by Arthritis, it's taken a month to get the results of the x rays and apparently there is no sign of Arthritis at all and I have a perfect pair of knees, Great news and I'm chuffed about that, so what's causing the pain? I'm still awaiting an appointment for ultra sound, I've now been in pain for about 8 weeks in all. So not only was my first appointment with the Rheumatologist hi jacked by his obsession with my knee, my Aps was never up for discussion and that was the whole point of the referral, I can't say I have any confidence in his diagnostic ability either, I think he saw my age 61 and knee pain and jumped to the wrong conclusion. My Gp still thinks I may have a medial collateral ligament tear but I'm beginning to think it could be Saphenous Nerve Entrapment does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this, I'd never heard of it tbh but it seems to fit. Maybe I'll know more after the ultra sound whenever that may be. I just hope I'm not doing more damage in the mean time.

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  • Hi, did you see a recommended Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist. I know sometimes pain can be referred from else where ie, the problem can be coming from somewhere else and cause a problem further down!? Don't rule that out, Hopefully MRI and ultrasound will get to the bottom of it. MaryF

  • I too have calf and knee pain ! Just had X'rays and suppose to have CAT SCAN, but getting exhausted from docs and so many tests! They don't know y and I'll let u know what they tell me! The pain can be excruciating at times for me! How about you? I wish u well! Keep us updated please! Godspeed

  • The pain was unbelievable when trying to put weight on it, I wanted to scream and that's not like me at all, at first I had a full range of movement in the knee. I now have quite limited movement but a bit less pain, it hurts all the time but I can now weight bear.

    He was not on the recommended list of specialists as at the time of making the appointment I had no specific issues. He had no interest in anything other than my knee as I was limping. It's a worry that he was so adamant it was Arthritis when the xrays show no sign of it. I'm a bit sick of doctors who can't see past the obvious, oh well your 61, your knee hurts, it's arthritis, rub some capsicin on it and I'll see you next time. Next time turns out to be June, the appointment was sent out before I'd even had the x rays taken. All the Capsicin did was make my leg hot and heat seems to make the pain worse. My Gp is far more use than these so called specialists, at least he's looking for an answer.

  • I found a you tube vid on how to try and release the Saphenous nerve with exercises, not sure I'll be able to manage it but will give it a go later and see if it helps at all.

  • Hi Dobiedogz,

    I also wonder like Mary, if you have now an APS-Expert from the recommended list?

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I had a similar problem..it was turned out after much investigation to be patella malaligment. Treated successfully with ongoing prescribed exercise with a qualified sports instructor.

  • Me too still calf and knee pain at one time I went to Hosp and they saw the spasm as it happened and my foot turned blue and you actually saw thes tiny blue spots running up my leg! I was not yet regulated on my INR levels! I was just very lucky the doc saw that and new it was tiny embolis running up my leg! The pain never goes away and I have a prosthetic left leg that I lost lastvJan 7 , 2015! It was APS but not DX'd at that time! There are times wen I jut can't walk at all! Although I forced myself to walk a half a mile the other day cuz doc ERKAN said I needed exercise! Thx LLuisa!!! Godspeed

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