New Tactic At Guys?

First of all they were discharging Patients at the Louise Coote Clinic and they promised to stop....not too sure thats happening just slowing down. Now I think they have started a new tactic....... canceling appointments, therefore delaying the time between when you get to see the specialist and therefore have your condition monitored.

I have had my appointment cancelled four times now. I was due to go in December, this was cancelled to February, then May and now Ive received a letter canceling that appointment for another new one in August. Ive no faith that that won't get changed and by the time I get to go back it will be two years since I was last seen.

My GP opening states they have no knowledge of my condition and sends me to Guys to be monitored. By constantly delaying my appointments I am now basically being left to manage my own condition.

Is this happening to anyone else?

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  • Yes time for a poll maybe. MaryF

  • I also notice that this letter does not stipulate under whose care I am and therefore if I will be seeing Prof D'Cruz again. Me feels a phone call coming on tomorrow!

  • The same is happening at the GWH here in Swindon and the Mineral Hospital in Bath, some appointments are running as much as 6mths late.

    Due to this fact i have just asked my Gp if i could be referred to see Prof Cruz at St Toms because i feel as if i am also managing my own condition. ( Maybe this was a mistake ) :-(

    When i am seen in the clinic at Bath the Prof there tries to push me into a coping skills clinic !

    What use is that to me if i have a damned stroke because my condition is not being managed correctly ?

    What a sad state the NHS is in.

  • Have you tried speaking to the secretary? Or emailing the consultant with your concerns? I wouldnt be happy with this treatment either. However, I dont think there is any ulterior motive. I work for the NHS in a related department different hospital but used to work at Guys. There are more and more patients therefore less outpatient clinics.consultants can only spend so much time in outpatients. But you can and should complain and in my experience you should get a sooner appt. Hope this gets sorted.

  • Sim seen at St Thomas but at the haemophilia clinic originally by Prof Beverley Hunt and now been put onto Dr Kathleen Breen, but never had appointments cancelled just brought earlier in the day

  • I was supposed to be seeing. Professor Beverley Hunt at lupus unit in January but have now been changed to Dr. Breen hematology in February, both at Guy's. I'm lucky at least it's only a month, so far!

  • Same thing happened to me at bath until my dr rang and got me an emergency appointment you have to keep phoning them else you get nowhere!

  • My Feb appointment has been put back to June but because of current 'issues' this is not a problem. I was however supposed to be in to discuss going on Xarelto or not.

  • Sounds like a certified letter stating the issues your having and that your estate will surely hold them responsible if anything happens due to their negligent care.

  • think it is happening every where...i usually go to Royal Surrey Rheumatology...has been every three months regularly...until this time...went in July next appt has come in for April...spoke to GP.... he told me they are a rheumatologist down at the moment.....fortunately i have a great GP who understand APS !!!!

  • Had my app at St Thomas' put back from Nov to Feb - supposed to be next week and train tickets all booked, so hope it won't be cancelled now! :s

  • Good Luck Coppergirl,

    Hope the appointment will be next week!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Hi, I am in a similar position (Cheshire). Supposed to be seen by both Rheumatologist and Haematologist every 6 months. Phoned to check (well over 6 months) nowhere near the top of the list. Not the staff fault, and the consultants are very good, it's the under-resourced system. I was advised if I had concerns to go to my GP. GP I am registered with is less than interested, but fortunately there is a salaried GP there who is very good, if I need her. It's even worse for the people I know who have relatives with cancer and have their appointments cancelled.......

  • Sounds like an MP visit is needed. I have not had time to call yet but will do so tomorrow.

  • Oh dear, they are at it again. Sorry not been on here for a while. It would appear the ombudsman's recommended criteria is been ignored. It is all underhand. It is tactics they are using. I do hope you get some answers. Bernie ( Bernadette )

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