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Having had a severe nose bleed on Saturday the doctors at the hospital stopped my warfarin for two days it was 5.7 no idea what caused it to be so high, any way 2days later I was discharged from hospital after having the pack removed.

I was supposed to have a blood test INR on the 3rd day following discharge. I tested my own INR the next day following discharge as I felt my body was full of lead it was 1.9 I was able to give myself Clexane

Thank goodness I was able to self test what a pity the machines are not free on the NHS

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Hi there, glad to hear things are settling down, and yes the machines are so good for so many people. I know if I was on Warfarin and it was appropriate I would want one! MaryF


Hi Daisyd,

Welcome home to your selftesting! I had to give myself a shot of Fragmin for the first time a couple of days ago. What a relief!

Has the veindraw at the hospital the same INR as your fingerprick test with your machine? For me the difference is an INR of around 0.8 - 1.0 depends on how high the INR is.



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