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Burn like welts - neck

Does anyone get burn like welts (looks like I was burned with a curling iron) all around the front of my neck? I did not change soaps, wear a new knecklace, or anything. I woke up a week ago with them. The urgent care doctor prescribed prednisone. Most of the old skin has flaked off and I just have very pink marks left. These have been painful the entire time (no itching). I was going to post a picture, but I can't figure out how to. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I and my children have had hives with medication allergy, however, I would keep photographing it in all its stages, in case you get referred to dermatology, out of interest have you been outside against any plants? MaryF


It sounds like what I get around the base of my spine and it hasn't happened since I started cutting out knicker labels made of nylon which brought me up in huge "welts". Also bleach/starch in new clothing/sheets does the same. I use laundry liquid not powder which has made a huge difference. Worth a try anyway while you are waiting to get a diagnosis. Good luck.


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